Friday, June 10, 2011

HOW TO: Pick the Perfect Drug Store Foundation

Those of you who watch my tutorials on my You Tube Channel (makemestunning) would be well aware by now how much I Love my Estee Lauder Double wear foundation. I use it all the time. But in the spirit of keeping things fresh and interesting I decided to buy a Drug Store/ Chemist Foundation for the first time in almost 6years!
It was strange! I know this sounds weird because so many of you out there do this every month or so...right! I have just become so comfortable in going to a makeup counter telling them what I’m after and WA LA it’s done.
But I though it’s time to move out of the comfort zone! If my views do this all the time I though it’s time for me to give it a shot even if it has been 6 years!
So as I mention it was a strange experience but why did this feel so strange? And to be honest slightly intimidating?....I figured it can’t be just me. Every one that uses drug store/ chemist foundation would all go though the same thing, it’s a bit daunting! And why is no one talking about their experiences?
The main reason it seemed so daunting is you have hundreds of brands, different types, colours, prices! And then the Questions start! What did I need again....??? Your head gets muddled with all the lights and advertising!
It’s so much easier if you go in with a slight idea of what you’re looking for! Full Coverage, Anti Ageing, Dewy Finish, Powder etc. Or instead a brand which your like to try Revlon, Max Factor, Rimmel, Maybelline to name a few.
This is going to narrow the search down dramatically!

Another main fear of mine was wasting money on a product that I wasn’t sure about, that I hadn’t used or heard anything about. Of course you see the advisement in magazines or on the makeup stand itself BUT they have professional lighting makeup and Photoshop at their beck and call!
The main trouble for me is getting a product that I know I will love BUT HOW.....
Unfortunately with drug store or chemist products the only way is to try some on your face at the time and to be perfectly honest I’m always a bit hesitant the idea of god knows how many fingers on and in the same foundation scares me! But if they won’t give you a small sample pot to try at home them in afraid we just have to TOUGHEN UP!! 

Keep in mind that some foundations are designed for different skin type. I wouldn’t recommend someone with oily skin to use a dewy foundation because it would slip and slide way too much, same as I someone with dry skin should steer clear of matte mousses!
In my case since using a heavy full coverage foundation for years I wanted something a bit lighter fresher with a dewy finish! To be frank the main thing that draws my attention and I won’t be wrong in saying your attention too is the advertising. Even though its photo shopped or with fancy lighting, it’s the first indicator of what the product looks like or is designed to look like.
I then found multiple products claiming to do the same thing; some were different prices cheap and dearer. If money isn’t an object defiantly choose the one that is most appealing to you! And trust me you will know which one you are drawn to most!

Here is the advertisement picture.

 Looks great right!
So you have now selected your foundation. THE KEY PART
Is getting the colour to match perfectly with your skin. This is one reason why I have stayed clear from drug store foundations I’ve always found it so hard to get the perfect match! I even tried years and years ago the foundation that you could twist to change the colour but that didn’t work for me either. Some were too orange looking other were to pink. So when I found this I was presently suspired!
As I mentioned above. All foundations have underlying pigments the main ones are Yellow Pink and Neutral. Unfortunately some brands concentrate too much off this colour giving you the orange or pink effect as I’ve experienced.
Yellow being cool more for tan olive skin 

and pink is warmer perfect for porcelain or English rose type skin.

But I never seem to fall into either so clearly I’m a neutral which means I can wear both. 

Not that this help me previously.
As I was saying I was so happy to find FINALLY a colour that was ideal!
In this range off the top of my head there were I think, 5 different shades.
They best way to see if it s the correct colour is to apply it on your jaw line. NOT your wrist. Because you don’t wear foundation on your wrist do you!!!!! Well I know I don’t!
The colour that disappears is the perfect match! If there are 2 or 3 colour that your tossing up between apply them on a clean part of your jaw one offer the colour so you can see all colours next to each other this will give you a better look at which one suits you!
Also Lighting can play a massive part if you’re unsure of the lighting in the store don’t be afraid walk outside with a compact (of your own, not the stores you don’t want to get arrested for stealing!) and look in the sunlight this is the purest light possible and will give you the exact answers your need!
So after all that I’ve found my new foundation! The colour I ended up picked was Natural 50
I’ve attached a review and my application method below so please what and let me know what you thing
Lots of Love Jade

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