Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New Trend FAVOURITE!!!

Heads up this is a new trend that im addicted to! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it
its been around for years and years but ive just started really spending time and getting into it it is.....NAIL ART!
Yes i know i never used to really be bothered but there are so many super cute designs out there and it really makes a statement on your look and your personal style! I cant believe how many comments ive got from strangers, which really proves how oftern people look at your hands!!
So here are 2 of my tutoirals for there simple yet amazing nail art! Dont be scared off either they look difficult but they are sooo easy
Till next time Stay Stunning

Jade xxx

 Blue Water Marbeld Nails


Strawberry Shortcake Nail Art

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