Sunday, October 30, 2011

Super Sexy BoHo Hair

I know that it isnt a new trend, but my hair is just starting ( with the help of extensinos ) to be long enough to do this look! I know that you can still get the same effect with med and short length hair, but i feel to properly achieve the unkept, bed hair feel your hair needs to be on the longer side!
So as you know many many stars have been rocking this look from Kim Kardashian to Nicole Richie! This look is flattering on everyone AND its not as dificult as you think to achieve the look!
There are also so many varations on the look! By using differnt products to how you finish the look, the possiblilites are endless!

EXAMPLE here is a photo of the same hair look with a braided fringe, a few small plates in the hair and a white string on feathers to increase the BoHo feel!
As you can see you can have beautiful soft curls and waves while still keeping with a BoHo feel! this is perfect for a casual day shopping or to dress up and add some personality to any party dress!

This next example what what i wore on my birthday! Exacally the same technique but i skipped the fringe braid and also the plates in the hair this is the resultf

Add some bright clothes and instantly your sophisticated and chic! I still kept the feathers to make the look more unique!

And finally this last look was created using the SAME method! All i did differently was sprayed each section with hairspray after it had been curled THATS IT but it makes such a massive differance! i wore this look out and it lasted all night! i had so many compliments and it definatly gives you heaps of volume!
So as you can see i have no makeup in this picture, and the lighting is a bit....well yellow hahaha!
but you get the point!

SO to achieve all these look i used my VS Sassoon hair curling tong! i bought it from priceline for.......$20 yes i know cheap as chips! Remeber when purchasing a curling iron the bigger the barrel the bigger the curls, mine is 1.5 Inch thick! its also important to get one with a adjustable heat temp, beaucse not everyones hair is the same so you need to adjust it to suit your hair texture and density!
This is a ceramic curling tong. Basically what that means is its not hot metal going onto your hair! the tongs itself has been coated with cereamic hece making it more gentle on your hair!

when ever you are using heat on your hair is SO SO SO important to use a heat protectent spray or cream! My personal fav is Kerastase Nectar Thermique
Honestly this product is amazing! it works differnetly to all other heat stlying products. basically what this does is makes heat styling your freidn! thats right by using this with heat it transforms it into a luxuriouse treatment fro your hair! Once oyu try this you will never go back! This product suits my hair best as i have extremely dry and coarse hair! if your hair is fine or damaged i recommend the Kerastase Cement Thermique instead!

SO next time your heading out or just want to feel a bit special try this technique out its sooo easy anyone can do it i promise

here is the tutorial on this look showing you in step by step how i achieved this look! Have fun with it and make it your own!


Thankyou all for reading keep in touch and till next time
Stay Stunning

Lots of love Jade xx

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Hey guys,
For those of you that watch my YouTube channel you are probably familiar with my recent post about my "Lush Experience".
I have now made a commitment to myself and the environment to only use skin care and makeup (where possible) that is organic fresh and not harmful for your skin or the environment!
Since doing this not only do i feel amazing, but you can see the diffence in my skin! I feel more at peace and calm, i know that might sound weird but its 100% true!
The reason why i love Lush so much is there is so much variety and choice! The staff are all wonderfull and they are so happy and knolegeble in their products! Honestly i would love to work at Lush!
They have so many store around the world and if you dont live close to one they have a internet store and can send you products from almost anywhere!
Great things ive found about lush, is not only their products but their phyloslphy!
They are very happy and have such a drive and passion for natual organic and wonderfull products!
In their advertising they have REAL people with REAL testimonies!
They DONT test on animals! Which to me is SO important! They test on willig and happy HUMANS!
They care about their suppluers oftern visiting their place of source to check their working conditions, they are very ethical and make sure that their supplyers are getting paid the correct amount of $$$
And finally the last 2 statments from Lush which really made me a lifetime supporter is
"they believe in making mistakes, loosing everything and starting all over again!"
they "want to make a positive and lasting difference to the cosmetics and makeup industry!"

SO all that said! Nows time for the Fun! i showed you on my YouTube Channel my Skincare routine i bought! BUT i had to keep my video under 15mins =( so i didnt get to show you everthing, well heres my chance hehehe! Im posting photos and discpritons of all my purchaes from lush for you guys to see!!!
So ill start with my Face care products again but ill go into more depth!