Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Eye Colour Series And Cirle Lens's

Hey guys!

So i figure that its only fair to do a Eye Colour series! No one (ovbiousely) has the same eye colour, and there are so many techniques and different shades of eyeshadows that can be used to bring out the best in any eye colour!
So Im creating a collection of eye looks for every shade of eye and ill be teaching you though my blog and my YouTube channel what shades (yes there are always more then one!)
work best for your eye colour!
My YouTube will of course have the eyeshadow tutoiral but i didnt want to leave it there so in my blog ill be posing extra informaiton on that eye colour and differnt shadows that you can use!
I have a MASSIVE collection of circle lens's at the moment so it will definatly be putting thoes to use! So i will be re-creating my look with circle lens's in every Eye Colour  tutoiral!
This is a sneak peak of my first eye colour look for Brown eyes!

One great thing i love about this series is it is still a makeup tutorial, so even if you dont have brown eyes it doesnt matter it can still look amazing on any eye colour

Circle len's are actually wider then your iris giving your eyes an amazing and intriguing look! defiantly the doe eyed effect! These lens's im wearing in the top picture are GEO Circle Lens in Bambi Chocolate (15mm in diameter) and they are SOOOO comfortable!

Where i get my len's from is an Austrlian sight (yaaaay!) and they are one of the only genuine GEO cicle lens distrubuters which is great beacuse there are alot of counterfit lens's on the market!
The company i purchase my len's from have now become my lens sponsors, BUT i still spend my hard earned money at their online store because im in love with all of their products! Its not just circle lens's they sell! they also sell amazing false lashes and Lioele Makeup Products!

Please check out

AND becuase they are my amazing sponsors they want to spoil you too!
Use discount code "Stunning" for 10% off store wide!!!!

If you want to find out more about circle len's such as application, care etc, watch this tutorial and review!

So thats all i have to say today just a super quick update on what you can expect to see on my channel in the next few weeks or so!

Have a Stunning day all ill see you all soon

Lots of love
Jade x

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