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Foundation 101

Hey Guys!!
So considering i did a BIG blog on Contouring i though i should talk about foundation as well and go a little more In Depth with this!
If you have watched my Foundation 101 tutoiral i did expaline a fair bit BUT in saying that the tutoiral was long enough as it was with-out adding more!
So hence the foundation blog post!

90% of flawless makeup lays on your foundation! If your foundation isn't correct you whole makeup look has failed!

When you looking for the "perfect foundation" you need to consider a few things first.
1- what type of foundation you like?
2- what coverage would you like (dependes on your answer to no1)
3- SPF or no SPF
4- Price!
5- Colour

So lets start with the first question!

As you may or may not know there are HEAPS of different types of foundations, now im not talking a certine brand im talking more the consistency of the foundation.
Here they are.......


Quite possible the most popular foundation choice!
Its obviously a liquid consitancy, most you can
chose your coverage by applying more or less.
Liquid foundation isHydrating and offers a smooth finish to your
LASTING- Depends on brand, most have to be used in
conjunction with a powder to make it last longer
SKIN TYPE- Suitable for all skin types

Ok so most of you may have tried the
dream matte mousse! Basically Mousse are all a matte
texture. The consistency is well mousy! Can be cakey if
you use too much though! Also i can show some of the
baby fine hairs on your face.
LASTING- Personlly i found that it looked great for a
few hours but then it started to go patchy in some areas
SKIN TYPE- Normal to Oily skin Not sutible for dry skin
as it will dry it out too much!

So there has been soo much hype about mineral
products! Basically its a powder i was surprised at how
flawless the coverage could be! Colours can be hard to match
as most companies only have limited colours.
LASTING- Not too bad will need to be re-applyed
but again dont use too much or you will get cake face!
SKIN TYPE- Again normal to oily skin. as this is a powder
it can be drying!

Have a very nice cooling feeling on the skin
Similar to a liquid constancy but slightly thicker
You do need to work fairly quicky to appy to product
as it can set very quickly and leave streaking
LASTING- Long lasting
SKIN TYPE- All skin types if you have sensitive
skin do a test swatch first

Also know as airbrush
this offers a dewy flawless finish
You may need to use alot of product to get your
desired result!
LASTING- Medium lasting becasue of the dewy finish
you will need to set it with a powder
SKIN TYPE- All skin types, Becasue its a areasole
DONT spray it directly on your face, spray it on your hand
then apply it! UNLESS you have to proper air brush tools

BB CREAM/ Tinted Moistuiser
Well im in LOVE with BB cream its the perfect
go-to product when your in a rush. Give your skin
a healthy dewy glow with light coverage
the only down side is, its 1 shade that melts into your skin
but its designed for light-fair skin types
Consitancy is just like a liquid foundation
LASTING- because its such a light coverage the lasting
isnt the best
SKIN TYPES- ALL this is great to also help repaire and fight

SO they are the Basic types of foundaiton! A large part of type of foundation you buy will rest on what result your looking for!
Light coverage, Full Coverage, Dewy finish, Matte Finish ETC
These are my Personal Favouites for your desired result BUT unfortunatly alot of it is trial and error!

Light Coverage- Lioele BB Cream, Napolean Perdis Sheer Genius
Full Coverage- Estee Lauder Double Wear, Revlon Colour Stay
Matte Finish- Nude by Nature Mineral
Dewy Finish- Max Factors Smooth Effect

These foundations are a combination or different types. My current favourite is Estee Lauder Double wear which is a full coverage but still give your skin a dewy glow my Colour is Creamy Tan

Persoanlly i say SPF the more protection you can have for you skin the better, but its no biggie if the foudnation doesnt have spf becasue you can simply apply it under your foundation.
One problem with a HIGH SPF foudnation is in photos it will give your skin a ghostly sheen!

To avoide this simply chose a foundation with a SPF of 15 or less. My Estee lauder foundation has a SPF of 10! so in photos my face still appears normal colour!

So before you go searching for the "perfect foundation" ask yourself what end result would you like!
Another factor is $$$$$
This is my personal view, and im someone that currently has 9 foundations sitting (basically full) in my makeup room :o
INVEST in a great quality foundation! Yes its more expensive but trust me you will be thanking yourself in the long run! For one your guarenteed in a great quality product, also you dont need to use as much, the same foundation will last you 3x as long as a cheap foundation and in the long run it pretty much equals to the same amount of money spent!
My Estee Lauder foundation is $67 and last me 4-5 Months! YES IM NOT JOKING!
where as i can buy a $15 foudnaiton and it might be ok at first but then for some reason im not happy with the results anymore......and it last me 1 month or so!
So you mars well fork out the $$ and get a fantastic foundation that you know will look great for 4-5 months then a alright foundation that will look ok for 1month!


Once you have found what brand you like and what coverage etc your after, its time to pick the right colour! THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART!
You dont want a foundation thats too light or too dark or not the right shade!
There are underlying pigments in foundaitons the 3 types are

Is best suited for english rose or paler skin types.Or skin that burns easily.
PINK is right of you is silver looks better on your skin type
Pink based foundaiton will tend to look warmer more on the redder side,
more peachy toned

suited for olive and tan darker skin.
YELLOW will be best for you if gold looks better on you
Yellow foundation will look slightly stange in the bottle
but trust me they are great on! They will be more Honey toned

Not many comanies have a neautal tone but hey, your the lucky one
you can wear both Pink and Yellow! Neutral foundaiton
have a blue pigment so the colour isnt too pink or too yellow

the simplest way to pick the right colour is to swatch it on your skin!
NOT YOUR WRIST! you dont wear foundation on your wrist!
So if you tossing betweet a few colours, simply swatch a visible line on your skin, one next to the other.
I recommend going into the sunlight (outside) and using a mirror to see. The lights in store are artificial and wont give you a true reading.
The Foundation that disappears into your skin is the correct shade for you!
IMPORTANT when looking for foundation, DONT wear makeup to the store! Go all Natur-al =D

So i hope that this has helped!

Ive talked about more application and what tools are the best to use in my YouTube Tutoiral

Thankyou all for reading
I love you all
Till next time...stay stunning xxx


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