Tuesday, November 22, 2011

How to be a Summer Goddess!

Hey guys!
Yaaay so here in Australia summer is pretty much here! (my favorite time of the year!)
We all like to look amazing in summer, but going to the beach, heat, sweat etc can get in the way of that!
So here are a few little tips to help keep your skin and makeup looking amazing thoughout the summer months!


well its obviouse isnt it!
I know so many people dont like wearing sunblock, and they want to be tanned and stunning in summer.
My personal view is FAKE DONT BAKE!
It might seem well and good to tan now or cook in a solarium for 30mins or so! but trust me in 10 20 years time you will be kicking yourself......if you havent already got skin caner!
Your skin will be leathery....yes it will be tan but do you want to end up looking like this????
Everywhere i went in Thailand people looked like this!!! NO JOKE!

So that being said if you want  a stunning tan PLEASE do yourself and your skin a favour and fake it!
Check out this tutorial for more info on tans


i think one deterant from people wearing sunblock is the smell! If you can find one that smells great its going to make your skin smell deliciouse and it will be protecting you!
My personal favourite is
Le Tans Coconut Lotion
Smells well.....like coconuts!
Make sure when buying a sunblock your choosing one with AT LEAST SPF30 and that is UVA and UVB protecting!

When im weaing sunblock and makeup i skip moisturizer (as sunblock can be greasy) and use it as a primer under my foundation. Make sure its absorbs into your skin before applying makeup! TRUST ME this will save you a massive head ache later on!
BUT if this sunblock lasts only 4 hrs.......???? what about the rest of the day!????
Defiantly i recommend re-applying sunblock though out the day, but some formulas  can wreck your makeup and make it smudge or look shiny
SO i have found 2 products the first is a internet only purchase
its Michelle Phan's IQQU

Its called ADVANCED SUNCREAM! as its a mousse consistancy and its a matte formular perfect for re-applying over makeup!
Check out her products here!

The next is a bit closer to home its
Megan Gale's Invisible zinc
this is tinted and looks just like concearler or foundation...is on the $$ side but well worth it!

So now that your skin is protected lets keep that makeup on!

If your going to the beach and HAVE to wear makeup.... i recommend a long lasting foundation many long lasting foundations stick to the skin very well and are almost water resistant! i know with my Estee Lauder double wear, it WILL NOT wash off just in water! i need to use a makeup remover or cleanser to remove that bad boy! hahahaha so i recommend something along those lines!

If oily skin or sweat is your issue you CANT go past blotting tissues!

they are little absorbent papers that suck up all the excess grease and oil!

if you wernt going to use blotting tissues and just re-apply and re-apply powder your face will end up looking like this

powder ontop of powder will create many layers and your skin will look awful! so blott then re-apply powder!

 Another thing i can recommened is using a setting spray......or if you have to hair spray
this will set your makeup and help it last all day!
my personal favourite at the moment is
Australis Setting Spritz
AND LASTLY if you can get your hands on this i really recommened it, it works a treat!
This is Ben Nye Tanslucent setting powder its the finest powder there is, it gets into every crack in your face its amazing. BUT its not fine enough to go into your pores!
This powder is a antiperspirant.....AND BEFORE YOU ALL GO CRAZY
This doesnt stop you from sweating, it stop the sweat when it appears by absorbing it!

I bought mine from

 In summer dewy flawless skin is a must BUT NOT SHINY!
so hopefully these tips help you to keep the little shiny monster at bay!

Here is some photos of the Summer Goddess look i created!

 Thankyou all so much for reading I LOVE YOU ALL
till next time
Stay Stunning

Jade xx

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