Saturday, November 12, 2011

Perfect Eyeliner! Tips Tricks and Advice x

Eyeliner can be a girls best friend....and a worst nightmare!
Learning how to apply eyeliner weapon every girl should have in their arsenal (sorry my hubby just got MW3 hahahaa) 
But in all honesty its a must for most makeup look, i myself feel naked when im not wearing eyeliner!

So to get a few things clear when im talking eyeliner

This is not what i mean!
There is nothing worse then panda eye makeup, I know there are situations where a dark sultry smokey eyeliner looks fantastic, but it is a rare occurrence and not something that should be worn on a day to day basis. Also when wearing panda eye makeup i recommend toning down the rest of your makeup. Use a nude or soft pink lipstick also tone down anything too low cut etc as the combination of all that may give you other the wrong impression

No Offence to Taylor I love her music =D

Anyways eyeliner if done corrently bring your makeup to a whole new level. It can make your eyelashes apear thicker and fuller by "tightlining" your eyes (applyline eyeliner to your top waterline), It can make your eye colour POP, and also give you a amazing sultry look to your makeup!

A few Cons about eyeliner though especially black eyeliner is it can close your eyes and make them apear smaller.

One thing ive found it this is only the case when your wearing eyeliner only, if you couple the eyeliner with a smokey eyeshaodw it transforom the look completely!
But if you do want to make your eyes as BIG as possible i recommend using a White or Peach (if your darker skinned) on your waterline this will create the illusion of bigger eyes by making the whites of your eyes seem larger!

One eyeliner look that is such a classic look but can be difficult is the Cat eyeliner look!
Gone though history and associated with the most glamorous women!

Again if done correctly

 You dont want the eyeliner to be the most dominate feature on your face!

Its a very simple and classy look but it can be difficult to achieve that beautiful crisp line.
So NEVER FEAR i have created a tutoiral showing you how to create this classic look!

For this tutorial i recommend using a Liquid eyeliener, thats not too flimsy but not too stiff to use! I feel ive found the PERFECT ONE! this not the darkest colour but multiple coats will get you there!
(i talk more about eyeliners in the tutorial)
It a Lioele Brush Pen eyeliner and its to die for honestly thats all i can say you'll have to try it out to see what i mean! I got this from
If your interested in trying this eyeliner out use discount code "Stunning" for 10% Off store wide!

Here are some photos of the finished look!

Thanx for reading i LOVE YOU ALL
and ill see you all again soon

Jade xx

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