Tuesday, December 13, 2011

HELP!! My Jewllery & Makeup is EVERYWHERE!

HELP!! My Jewllery & Makeup is EVERYWHERE!

Well if you like me.....(hehehehe) you may be shouting this every second day!
BUT never fear! Ive found a amazing simple system that really helps keep my jewellery not only in great condition, but easy to find and store!

This is a great way because you can be very personalized and really make it your own!

So before i waste any more time here is a tutorial i created on How i store my makeup and Jewllery !
hope this helps and gives you some inspiration! xx

                                     MY MAKEUP COLLECTION & STORAGE TUTORIAL

                                     DIY JEWELLERY HANGING AND DISPLAY BOARD

Lots of Love
Jade & Be safe at this busy time of year!

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