Monday, December 10, 2012

HOW TO- Brunette to RED

Hey lovelies!
So for those of you that have been watching my channel for a little while, you would know how much i LOVE to change my hair colour! Ive pretty much been every colour under the sun!

BUT this blog post is going to be about how i changed my hair from Brunette to Red! This post will also work if you want to go for a more unique colour, green, blue etc etc!

Things to Remember

*Everyone's hair is different, and everyone's hair will react differently to hair colour- meaning everyone will get different results.
*Hair texture, length, thickness and condition will change the outcome of your colour.

*The next few steps is just what i did to achieve this result, and im advising you to follow these steps at your own risk- remember when using bleach on your hair it will dry it out and some damage may occur.
*Also keep in mind, if you have been using poor quality shampoo's and conditioners- they may contain silicon (man derived) and they may react with the bleach bath. If smoking or fizzing occurs rinse immediately!
* this technique is designed for people with COLOURED/DYED dark hair- Not virgin (never been coloured) dark hair.

What I started with

My hair was a 5 level and is naturally coarse and think (yay for me :/ lol )

So i needed to lift/lighten my hair to roughly a 6 level to achieve a vibrant result!
    * the lighter your hair, the more vibrant the colour- but you dont want it too light either, id say             no lighter then a 7 or 8 level.
There are 2 ways of lightning your hair
1- Colour Removal
2- Bleach bath

I decided to go for the bleach bath. As ive used them in the past and i know they work well, im always slightly apprehensive of using colour removals as i know they can be temperamental.
Bleach baths are gentler then using straight bleach on your hair- however you hair may be still damaged or feel dryer by doing this.
They consist of Bleach, Peroxide (no higher then 20vol), Shampoo, Conditioner & water.
All the added ingredients dilutes the bleach bath and therefor making it slightly more gentle on your hair.

Bleach Bath Recipe

40gm Blue powdered Bleach
40gm 20vol Peroxide
15gm Water
10gm Shampoo
5g Conditioner
*the consistency should be thin and watery- add more water or peroxide if its too think.

DIY Bleach Bath

*make sure your hair is free from knots- it will make it much easier in the long run.
*wear protective gloves & a old shirt you dont care about- also lay down a sheet or newspaper.
*If you have re-growth DO NOT apply the bleach bath on your re-growth as it will lighten extremely quick and go yellow
*if you have no regrowth DO NOT apply bleach bath on your scalp- leave at least 1/2cm away form your scalp
*any old/previous highlights in your hair (even if they are covered up now) will lighten quicker
*Lastly always do a skin test 24hrs prior to colouring your hair- if any allergic reaction occurs DO NOT continue!

1- Start at the base of your neck work in thin sections
2- Apply the colour on the mid-length to ends first, then work your way up.
3- Ensure the hair is completely covered before moving onto the next section
4- Continue all through out your hair

Once your whole head is completed WATCH constantly! It may take 1min or 10mins untill its ready to be rinsed. You want it to be at a red/orange or orange/yellow stage (depending on how dark your hair was prior). To tell if its ready, simply scrap some of the colour off your hair and check what shade it is, you can literally see it lighten before your eyes!!

When its ready Rinse, shampoo twice and condition or treatment.
Finished result a level 6-7 =D obvious orange reflect! Awww so pretty! 

I do recommend letting your hair rest for 24hrs before applying your second colour BUT if your in a rush its still ok to apply your next colour- just ensure your hair is 100% dry!


So all that is left to do is the RED, this is the fun part!

*make sure your hair is free from knots- it will make it much easier in the long run.
*wear protective gloves & a old shirt you dont care about- also lay down a sheet or newspaper.
*always do a skin test 24hrs prior to colouring your hair- if any allergic reaction occurs DO NOT continue!
*personally i only use semi permanent colours (unless you have grey to cover) as they add more shine and are better on your hair. They will last 6-8 weeks.

Colour Formulation

Always follow and read MFD!!
60g 6S
30g 5RS
180g 1.5 Developer
*if your hair is thin start with less and you can always mix more!

Simply apply the colour all over your hair! Make sure you really work in the colour well, and that every section is covered!
Leave for recommended amount of time and Rinse, shampoo & treat or condition.

WA LA finished result!

Hope you have liked this blog post check out the video here!

Lots of love
Jade xx

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Makeup for Glasses! Make your eyes the focus, NOT the frames!

Hey lovlies!
So im here today with this tutorial on makeup for glasses! Obviously if you dont wear glasses you can still do this look and its still super pretty! I wanted to make this tutorial to show you guys that it is possible to make your eyes POP even if you wear thick dark glasses!

This is i guess a "natural" look, but by adding a pop of contrasting/bright colour it really brings your eyes forward making them the main attraction!

Check out the tutorial here!



Nude Mineral Foundaion in Medium
Estee Lauder Ideal Light in Light
Napoleon Perdis "The One" concealer
NYX cream blush in Glow
Maybelline Master Shape brow pencil in Soft Brown


Urban Decay Primer Potion
Maybelline Natural Smokes Quad (Base colour used)
Urban Decay Naked palette Virgin & Buck used
Sugarpill Pigment in Absinthe
Maybelline Gel Eyeliner in Blackest Black
Maybelline the Falsies mascara in Black


Maybelline lipstick in Juicy Pink
Guerlain  Kiss Kiss Lipgloss in 841

Brushes used from BH Cosmetics click here to see them!

Hope you guys liked this tutorial!

Lots of love

Jade xx

Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas Gift Ideas!!!

Hey lovlies!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately!
But im here again, and just in time for Christmas!!!

I absolutly LOVE Christmas its m y favourite time of year (and not just for the presents!)
haha there is always just such a merry feeling in the air and everyone seems so happy!

But i know as most of you do too, that Christmas can be a $$$ pricey time of year! Especially if your like me and you really love spoiling people, your wallet can take a beating! So im here with a few cheap ideas of what you can get some of you loved ones, that will leave them feeling pampered for less!

Depending on what your budget is, there are heaps of different ideas! From homemade presents to fun and interesting gift certificates!

Homemade Goodies!

I love home made gifts! they are super cheap, and it really shows how much you care!!
If your artistic a great idea is to make a mosaic! you can pick up cheap second hand plates etc from Op Shops and just go crazy and make something really unique! once your done you can frame it and WA LA! a one of a kind gift!!

Another idea is a jewllery box! you can pick up wooded boxes from Bunnings for like $10 and just go crazy with paint! you could even use spray paint and gold leaf! And depending on your budget you can fill the box with some Jewellery!

Beauty products are always a hit (well they are with me!) try making some bath bombs or even christmas insipred Sea Salt scrub! Check out the recipe here!

And finally you cant go past edible goodies! Im planning on making a Gingerbread house for my friends and family! its  great to take with you for Christmas meals and its super easy and not to forget DELICIOUS! Also if you have younger children or if your a big kid like me, you will have fun decorating it!

Store Bought Presents

Ok so i know some people are super hard to buy for! So here are a few ideas that most people would love!!

If you know someone that loves traveling, get them a travel book! Im talking like a Lonely Planet Guide! it will really inspired them and give them plenty to think about when they are planning their next holiday!

Massage and hair gift certificates are always amazing to receive but if you wanted to buy something for a couple, get them a Hotel Gift Certificate! Its a great idea! they could use it on a romantic night out or even for dinner if the hotel has a restaurant. It doesnt have to be a Hotel far away it could be a 5min drive away! the point is its something they would never buy themself and it would be a nice treat! and if they have kids you can offer to babysit for 1 night! Most hotels are about $120 per night (on average) so thats a pretty cheap present for 2 people!

Ok so i know this may seem a lame present, but you might be surprised! Coffee table books are always looked at! even years later! if you can find a book that relates to what the persons interest are, they will love you for it!

And finally if you want a present for a whole family or special someone, a Photo shoot certificate would be amazing! the photos will last a lift time and its a nice present for people to look back at later on!

Ok so i hope you have found a few ideas from this!
Have fun with you Christmas shopping and Planning!!

Lots of Love

Jade x

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Spring & Summer Fashion Lookbook!

Hey lovelies!
Just wanted to share with you all my latest tutorial on YouTube!

Its a collection of looks for spring and summer 2012-2013. Ranging from casual to clubbing to festival!

Hope you all enjoy this video!

Lots of love

Jade  xxx

(shortest post ever lol)

Monday, November 5, 2012

CLEAR Shampoo & Conditioner REVIEW

Hey lovelies!
SO cruising though the supermarket the other week and what do i come across?....

Normally i skip the entire Shampoo/Hair isle in the supermarket as Im a hairdreser by trade and never ever consider putting supermarket shampoo and my hair
BUT when i came across this and started reading i was instantly sold!


Because its designed for your scalp! Not your hair! It makes sense you hair grows from your scalp, so healthy scalp = healthy hair! SIMPLE!

Ive been a avid Kerastase user for years! And considering im not longer hairdressing (goodbye staff discount) it is a fair bit of money to be laying out for shampoo (and considering my housemates use it all the time grrrr). I would spend about $100 on shampoo and conditioner.
Anyways like "Clear" Kerastase is designed for your scalp. So i though well why not! Its designed the same way and its only $18 for shampoo and conditioner- whats to lose?!


"Clear" descries itself as being "Scalp Therapy", it also says that "for years women have been treating the wrong end of their hair" (which i agree).
"Clear" also has the Stunning Miranda Kerr is the face of their brand and she describes the range as "one of her indulgences!"

In their range they have 5 different collections for women, and also a range for men! So much choice!
              -Total Nourishing Care (for all hair types)
              -Damage & Colour Repair (for damaged and coloured hair)
              - Strong Lengths (for weak hair prone to breakage)
              - Moisturising Dry Scalp (for Dry scalp and Hair)
              - Complete Care (for Dandruff prone scalp and Hair)
*The sizes are all 350mls per bottle!
They also have a treatment range- BUT i havent been able to find it in store yet......fingers crossed!

I took this screen shop directly from "Clear's' websight to explain how the Shampoo and Conditioner works


I got the "Nourish Dry Scalp" range.
I must say im very impressed! Not only is this range cheap as chips but it really works! My scalp and hair has been amazing! Ive actually got shine and manageability back in my hair! The shampoo is very rich and velvety and the conditioner is amazing on my scalp and ends of my hair (donesnt make my scalp oily in the slightest) im in love! Definalty safe to say i wont be going back to Kerastase any time soon!

Hope you guys have enjoyed this post! Check out my Video review

Let me know what your thoughts are if you have used this range before!!?

Lots of love

Jade xx

Sunday, October 28, 2012

How i lost 13kg! And im KEEPING it off!

Hey Lovelies!
So this is a different type of post yet again!
For those of you that follow me on my FaceBook or Instagram you would all know that ive been on a lifestyle overhaul ( i guess you could call it). Its not a diet (i hate that work) its literally a change of lifestyle!
And the longer ive been doing this the more passionate ive gotten!

This all started a few months ago when I was feeling like crap, pretty much. I was always bloated and i really wasnt happy with my figure. I was going to the gym regally but not really seeing much results. I know now looking back that i wasnt doing the correct exercise or challenging myself hard enough!

Me- Weight 76kg (the heaviest ive ever been) 25% body fat

This is me now! 63kg! I haven't measure my body fat% yet...but i will!

So before i start- Yes i added my weight but i rarely weight myself! i dont even own scales at home.
I feel that weight is just a number. So if your fit and healthy, it shouldn't matter how much you weigh. And as you guys know muscle weights more then fat anyway!

Everyone's bodies are different and its not realistic to look at someone else's figure/weight and say you want the same- We each have our own goals- and when we are all fit and healthy our bodies will still look different from others!
BUT please dont mistake fit people for being skinny or bony such as this picture below- this girl is AMAZING. it would have taken SOOOO much hard work to get where she is! She would eat like a horse and could probably snap you in half haha
This is my end goal 1 day!

** Just a quick note-
Im not a personal Trainer or a Dietitian- this is just what ive done and what has changed my life! IF you are keen on following anything in this blog see your doctor first =D

MY Change in Lifestyle

So what happened to change me you ask?
It was a combination of things and ALOT of gurling hard work. If you really and i mean REALLY want to change your life and your body you are going to have to put ALL your effort into it! It doesnt come easy and it wont happen just by sitting on the couch you have to put the hours in to really change your life! ALL the for the better, and trust me you wont recognize yourself and you will never look back!

What i did first was start PT (personal Training) sessions. My hubby was doing them and getting great results so we found some amazing trainers and now do sessions 3-4 times a week with them. Yes it isnt cheap, but its your health! Can you really put a price on your health?

And now that ive been training for so long i know what to do at the gym! I have a great routine going and im really seeing results! The main training that im doing is called "Cross Fit" its a combination of Cardio and weights it pretty much "shocks" your body! Which is what you need in a good workout!
its something that you will never get used to- everywork out is hard! and you will struggle though every workout
The workouts are actually named after fallen solders! Ive done so far (that i can remeber) Fran, Cindy, Angie + many more!

Most of my training is with weights, if your a female dont be scared of weights. You wont wake up the next day looking like the hulk! Lol
Weights is what is going to build strength and give you a toned body =D
Get into Kettle bells they are fantastic and very versatile!

You will be amazing and proud of yourself how far you will go in little time! When i first started i couldnt even lift 20kg now i can dead lift almost 50kg! IM ALMOST AT MY BODY WEIGHT yaaay!

Food Glorious FOOD!

Anyways- on to the good stuff FOOD!
Considering i have been working so hard with my fitness and training, to me it seemed pointless to do a training session and then go and eat kfc or a burger. To me i felt like i would be counter-acting all the hard work it just did. I feel the same when it comes to Alcohol.
So ive been eating really clean! Pretty much the way we are all suppose to eat!
Cutting out everything processed, un-natural or in a packet. And believe me i have never felt better! Im eating more then what i used to and staying slim! Im not getting bloated, having mood swings or breaking out! And i have more energy now then what i ever did before!
Im not eating meat- ever now and then i will have a small portion of fish but thats about all, and ive cut out cows milk and anything containing cows milk- as the molecules in cows milk is very hard for humans to wonder why so many people are lactose-intoulerant!!

Ive never counted calories in my life! And to me i dont really understand it- I feel (and this is just my opinion) that if you eating clean calories dont matter! If its all natural organic good food then your not doing anything wrong- AND i saw a friend of mine trying to loose weight eating a chocolate mousse tub and she said "but its only 10 calories" but what is that chocolate mousse doing to your body! Yes it may be low fat but gees its packed with sugar and crap that isnt going to do you any good! The same goes for tubs of "low fat" yoghurt- all these things that you think  are health are actually PACKED with sugar and crap! Be very mindful of this when you do your shopping!

For those of you thinking about changing your lifestyle i HIGHLY recommend this book!

This book has really helped me! Its amazing it talks about EVERYTHING you could possible imagine- From digestion, pimple and even poo! haha But from this book you can work out what is going on inside YOUR body and eat the rights foods to cure anything wrong inside you!
Its amazing! For example- Ive always had issues with my stomach and digestion. (not the best topic i know) But i would always be bloated, and some foods would give me the BIGGEST stomach ache ive even ended up in hospital because the pain was so intense! Anyways reading this book there is a part about your tongue.
Basically what its saying is you can tell all about your health, just by looking at your tongue! My tongue has a line down the center, that doesnt reach the tip- and reading up on that, the first thing is said was "You have a very weak stomach and poor digestion" and i was like OMG!
I was blown away by how true it was!
So enough on that, just get the book! You wont regret it!

-Fruit & Fruit Juices
-Vegies (raw or slightly steamed)
-Nuts (natural with no salt added)
-Pumpkin and other seeds
-Brown Rice
- Rice and Almond Milk
-lentils and beans

Form these ingedients you can make some AMAZING FOODS! And if your a sweet tooth like me
check out my cooking blog here

check out my vlog!


dont forget your water! 60% of your body is water you should be drinking 2lts a day, more if your exercising! this will prevent excess bloating from water weight! IT will flush out your system and make your skin glow!
Try adding a small amour of apple cider vinegar or lemon juice to your water (not too much lemon juice as it can break down the enamel on your teeth!)


Supplements and vitamins are very important. And no 2 people would need the same supplements.
As i mentioned above ive had massive digestive issues so currently im taking

SPIRULINA- is pretty much a algae! Its safe for humans and animals to digest and its PACKED full of protein, amino-acids, B12, calcium and many many more! Its great for anti-aging and it works wonders on your bowls and digestive system! (once daily)

FISH OIL- To help promote healthy eyes, heart and joints (once daily)

VITAMIN C- help keep my imune system healthy! If you have ulcers in your mouth you need to take vitamin c NOW! (once daily)

IRON- As im not eating red meat i take iron to help support my energy and recovery! (only once a week though)

MILK THISTLE- this helps detox your liver! because my bowls were lets say blocked, there was helps of toxins in my body! this will help balance everything out and get it working properly (twice daily)

DIGESTIVE ENZYMES- many people (like myself) do not naturally contain enough digestive enzymes to help their body break down food- so this does what your body can not! (taken twice daily with food)

I also have protein ( the one im currently using is called Launch) after my workouts!


SO hopefullyou you have found this helpfull! if you have any questions please let me know!!

Jade xx 

Sunday, October 14, 2012

ManicareVelvet Eyeliner Tattoo Review

Hey loveies!
So as you know i love all things makeup and all things new and un-tried!
So when i came across these bad could have guessed my reaction!

These are the "NEW" Manicare Glam Eyes Velvet eyeliner TATTOOS!! They are apart of Manicares  Couture Range, which also include Body Tattoos eyelashes and other glittery goodies!

The Pack you see above is the pack that i bought- I got them from a chemist for $9!
Super cheap!
In the pack you get 2 different pairs of Eyeliner Tattoos and also a tube of manicare's amazing eyelash glue!

Now the eyeliner strips are velvet texture! You get 2 different types in 1 pack! The normal Cat eyeliner look and also a more glitzy look with crystals. The strip come pre-glued however i do recommend you apply additional glue for longer lasting looks.

The eyeliner tattoos can be re-used- not sure how many times but im sure if you take good care of them you could get up to 10 wears!
When i mean "take good care" , i mean try not to  get them wet (may damage the texture) and always keep them in their packaging!


To apply these bad boys what i did was make sure my eyeshadow was already applied- as it makes it easier for blending etc.
Then apply a thin layer of glue over the eyeliner strips allow it to become tacky (just like with false eyelashes) then apply it to your eyes. I find that applying it to your eyes when they are open makes it so much easier. The curve of the eyeliner tattoo naturally fits your eyeshape curve when your eyes are open. Its more difficult trying to apply then with closed eye TRUST ME i know haha.
Try and get them as close to your lashline as possible but if you have left any gaps simply fill them in with some black eyeliner or shadow.

Then feel free to apply falsies and/or mascara.


I do it the same as when i remove my false eyelashes. Before i take any of my makeup off (so i dont damage them) peel off your eyeliner tattoo. It doesnt hurt at all it simple peels off smoothly from your skin! Then if there is any residue from the glue left over, use some baby oil or olive oil to melt the glue away and WA LA! Clean as a....hmmm not sure haha!


Ok so like everything there are always down sides. What i though was, at first they feel very strange on your eyes. They can feel quite heavy, but after a while you barely notice it.

Also as you see in the below pic, i feel that wearing falsies with these is a must otherwise if you have short natural lashes like mine, they tend to get lost quite quickly!

BUT other then that, these are a truly amazing product and a fail proof way to get prefect cat eyes EVERYTIME!

Check out the video review/tutorial here

Hope you all enjoyed this review!

See you all soon

Jade xx

Monday, October 8, 2012


OK i LOVE Halloween its my favorite time of year!
This is a simple- but time consuming look! Its very effective and you will be freaking out your friends and family with this look!

THIS LOOK is all about building layers and adding dimension with different shades of red!
Use cream makeup, dark eyeshadow's and mix red with concealer to add different shades and textures to the look! Also at the end, GENTLY pat on some Vaseline  to give your skin a shiny wet look.


Non Toxic Glue Stick & Powder (to cover the brows)
PRIMER- MAC Prep & Prime
WHITE PAINT- Ben Nye Clown Makeup
Ben Nye Clown Wheel-  RED USED
                                      - BLACK & RED Mixed together USED
                                      - RED Mixed with Concealer (for pink)
15 Concealer & Camouflage Palette- from
Bh Cosmetics- 120 3rd Edition
                         88 Cool Matte Palettte


Thanx for reading

Jade xx

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Formal Dresse AU REVIEW & Interactive Tutorial

Hey lovelies!
Super excited to share this blog post with you all!
A little while ago I was contacted by Julie who works for a company called "Formal Dresses AU" Basically they are a formal dress company that specialize in everything from celebrity dresses to brides maid dresses and its all custom made!
I dont know about you but ive NEVER had a dress made just for me!
And again i dont know about you- but im not a straight 1 size all over- In my case im a but top heavy so its hard to find dresses that fit me up top, but are not like a tent at the bottom. Do you guys get that too??

Anyways i was super excited and happy when this company contacted me! And when my dress arrived in the mail I was ecstatic! The quality of the dress is phenomenal! Then even went to the effort of adding boning into the bod-dis area! and you guess it, its the perfect fit!

When you go onto their websight there is a online form with every measurement you need to take (even including your heel height) and then you can send that form in when you order your dress!

You can even pick your own material and fabric! BUT with 30 different colours and 4 Different Fabrics you might find it hard nailing it down to just 1!


Taken direct from their websight!

Total Delivery Time = Processing Time + Shipping Time:
Tailoring time: in the slack (peak) season, it will take 15-20 (25-30) working days to tailor your dresses by professional dressmaker.
Shipping time: it will take 3-5 working days for shipping them to your destination. The exact shipping time is based on the shipping company (UPS, FedEx, etc) standard.

Kindly reminder: If you need a dress urgently, you can check catalogue dresses in stock which can be sent out within 12 hours (except weekends) after you place the order.

Shipping method & cost:
We use UPS, FedEx and other well-known shipping companies for all of our shipping to most parts of the world with no charge, such as Australia, North America, UK, Oceania, some countries of Eastern Asia, and South-east Asia. If you locate in other countries not listed above, please contact us to confirm the shipping fees with our custom service.

I have also done a video review of this dress and a INTERACTIVE MAKEUP& HAIR tutorial!
So thanyou all so much for reading! Hope you have enjoyed this post! Please check out formal Dresses AU and choose a amazing dress for yourself!


Jade xx


Primer- MAC Paint Pot in IndianWood
Eyeshadows- UD SideCar
                       UD Buck
                       UD HalfBaked
                       UD DarkHorse
                       UD Virgin
Eyeliner- Maybelline Gel Liner in Black
Eyelashes- Ardell Flared
Mascara- Maybelline Illegal Length
Contour- SAVVY Pressed Powder in Dark
Blush- SAVVY Blush in Silky Pink
LIPS RED- Napoleon Perdis Double Agent in Rouge
LIPS NUDE- Loreal Lipstick in Peach Blush
                       Guerlain Lipgloss in 51


I used VS SASSON barrel curler 1 inch =D From Priceline for $20!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Maybelline Illegal Length Fiber Mascara- My Thoughs!

Hey lovelies!
So im here with a review of the latest Maybelline mascara called "Illegal Lengths"

This mascara is a "Fiber" mascara. Meaning that there are little partials in the mascara that attach onto the ends of your lashes lengthening them, without having to wear falsies! They are different from curling and voluminous mascaras as they dont focus on plumping up the lashes, they focus on the length and length alone. SO if your lashes are quite sparse naturally, this may not be the mascara for you as it may make your lashes look a bit spindly.


 The Maybelline mascara is claiming to give you an extra 4mm of length ontop of your natural lashes, which for me is amazing as my natural lashes are pretty much non-existant!

It comes in 3 shades
and its also available in a water-proof formula.


So i have used many a fiber mascara in the past, and i always have the same issue with them. They are very drying, and they flake and peel off leaving you with speckles of mascara all over your face (mmmm great look!). But im glad to tell you that this formation is very different for others ive used. Its more of a cream formula, and its ultra hydrating and conditioning for your lashes and leaves 0 flakes! WOOO HOO
Also you dont have to apply heaps and heaps! It will go a long way, in the pictures below i only applied 1 coat and got amazing results!

The wand tip is quite long- longer then other mascaras and its straight.
It has heaps of little bristles with more bristles leading off the bigger ones. Its designed to get right into the roots and still lift your lashes will completely covering them from root to extended tip!


It retails for $19.95- the size is unfortunately smaller then other Maybelline mascaras.
For example Maybellines "The Falisies mascara" is 9.2mls while the "Fiber Extension" is only 6.5mls. And they both retail for the same price!

If you guys would like me to make a comparison video/blog post between the "Faliseis" And the new "Fiber Extension" please let me know! x


 Before and after photos- I did curl my lashes before applying mascara, and only applied 1x coat.

So yes they are visibly alot longer! I love this mascara- But my natural lashes are very thing naturally so i do feel they look a bit like spiders legs haha- but if you tight-line your waterline with a black eyeliner that will make your roots appear alot fuller and ticker too!

Hope you all enjoyed this review!

Lots of love

Jade x

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Hey lovelies!
So i know we are still a fair way away from Halloween but can you ever be too prepared?
Im staring my Halloween tutorials early this year, because there are so many looks that i want to try out!

So introducing  da na na naaaaa


This look can be made into a nicer elf if you skip the red contacts and the blood but its up to you where you want to take it

Also you dont have to do a gold elf you can do what ever colour you like!


Elf Ears From EBAY
Liquid Latex - From Toyworld
Derivan Face and Body Paint- Gold - From Toyworld
BYS Metallic Palette- Gold/ Bronze
Twilight Red Lenses 
 Gold Leaf- Bunnings
Fake Blood- Toyworld

Hope you all enjoyed this look!!

Lots of love

Jade xx

Friday, September 7, 2012

GET READY WITH JADE- Engagment Party

Hey lovelies!
Hope your all well!

This is a another "Get ready with Jade" I was going out to a engagment party and i had a amazing time!!!

Hope you all enjoy this look!


MAC Prep and Prime
Estee Lauder Double Wear in Pebble
Maybelline Fit Me Conealer in Light
Maybelline Lumi Touch Highlighter in Light
Urban Decay Primer Potion
Urban Decay Naked Pallette
 *Side Car

 * Naked
 * Toasted

SugarPill Eyeshadow in Bullet Proof

Maybelline Gel Liner in Noir
Ardell Flared Lashes
Maybelline 1x1 Mascarra
i Nuovi Glitter in Nude Glamour
SAAVY Pressed Powder in Dark
Red Earth Blush in Peach
MAC Studio Fix in NC20
Maybelline Lipstick in Pink Please
Red Earth Gloss in Pink/Red
Australis Finishing Spritz


Manicare Stippling Brush
Manicare Lash Curler
ADORN 7 Piece VEGAN Brush Kit


Earings from Diva
Ring from Diva
Dress from a local shop- Dress by Minty meets Munt
Shoes from Betts

Friday, August 24, 2012

TAYLOR SWIFT- Teardrops on my Guitar Makeup look

Hey loveleis!
So im back yet again with another requested makeup look!

Here is the requested look! Oh Taylor your are stunning!

Here is my finished interpretation.


Bh Cosmetics Gel Liner in Metal
Pupa 4Eyes Quad in 05
SAVVY Quad in Smokey
Maybelline Gel Liner in Blackest Black
NYX Glitter Mania in Disco Ball
Beauty Style Glitter eyeliner in Pink (used as adhesive, but eyelash glue or lipgloss will do)
SAVVY Luxury Liner in Glitzy Gold
Maybelline 1x1 Mascara in Black
Beauty Case False lashes in Flared (cut in half)
SAVVY Gradulating Blush in Coral Trio
Maybelline Lipstick in 161 Juicy Pink
Mirenesse  3D forever gloss in Geisha
i Nuovi Glitter in  Nude Glamour

ADORN 7 Piece Essential Vegan Brushes

Hair was curled using a GHD Mini Styler
 & in the photo above i was wearing a blonde wig that i picked up from Ebay! Oh gotta love Ebay!

Hope you all enjoy!!