Monday, January 16, 2012

BH Cosmetics Haul & Review

Ok so this literally happened to me.
I had a faint memory of ordering cosmetics from Bh Cosmetics. BUT i couldn't remember if I dreamed it (good dream) or if I actually ordered it!?
Well turned out it wasn't a dream (yaaaaay for me!).
So I will be sharing and swathing with you what I bought. But before we get into fun stuff some info first.

So as you may have guess the shipping time was quite long (considering I though it was a dream). If i had to tell you, it was probably....maybe about a month for it to arrive, I didn't get express shipping just the standard shipping. But that is going from the USA to AUS....So Im not sure if that's good or bad.
I have ordered from them before and I cant remember it taking that long. Oh well they got here in the end! After purchasing the product they did send me a email with my tracking number, and a email saying when it was shipped.  But that was withing a day or two of the payment going though, i didn't hear anything else until it arrived.

The parcel came in just a plain brown box, filled with brown paper for cushioning. All the products were put together in a zip-lock bag. All the products had individual packaging whether it was a box or a thin layer of plastic. There was no damage to any of the product they were all in very good condition. But I did find some of the products difficult to get out of their packaging...oh well what can you do?!

I got a few things! I noticed that Bh Cosmetics have a new range of Gel eyeliners that I was really keen to try out! so I got 4! I also got a normal pencil eyeliner and a makeup brush.


For what you pay this brush is amazing! The bristles are surprisingly soft and their seems to be no shedding! The handle is very good quality and its amazing to use!
I did think it would be a little bit bigger though. The head of the brush is a tiny bit small for applying blush, but it will make a very good contour brush!

Yes I would! simply because the price is too good to pass up! And the quality is very good for what you pay!

Again another bargain buy!
I bought this simple because i liked the colour! The eyeliner itself is very soft and gentle on the eye. However you do need to apply it a few times to get a intense colour. The colour is a bit lighter then I expected its more of a pale violet but still very pretty.

In the colour ELECTRIC

I was VERY surprised this lasts forever! The swatch I did took a while to scrub off!

They have 6 Colours in the range and the size is 1.1g

Ummm its a tricky one I dont think I would. Yeah the price is amazing but i would rather put my money towards something that a bit more vibrant.

So these were the products I was most excited to try out! So instead of buying 1...I bought 4!
These are designed to use as all-rounder product with matte and shimmery finishes.
They have 19 colours to choose from! The sizes are 3g each so they will literally last FOREVER!

 Everyone need a good black eyeliner and this is INCREDIBLE!
It glides on soooo smoothly and is SO pigmented its just to die for!
It has a Matte finish.

The next photo i will show you is a swatch of the eyeliner, then what it looks like after ive done a good swipe with a makeup remover wipe (to test the lasting power!).
So i feel thats very good considering i gave it a good swipe!


Again another stunning eyeliner! I love this colour and the fact that its matte give it even more pigmentation! again its super smooth to use and it looks beautiful on!

This colour didnt hold as well as the ONYX But I think thats because the constancy is slightly more creamy.

I saw this colour and instantly fell in love! Its so stunning!
I didnt know it was a shimmering finish, so the colour wasn't as bright as i would have hoped. It was difficult to decipher the shimmering from the matte on the web sight. But i still love this product! I would use it more as a base or a shimmering cream shadow.

So I must admit when I looked at this I was expecting not as much pigmentation (due to the shimmer)
Well was i mistaken! this is even more pigmented (i feel) then the ONXY!
As you can see the Lasting power is amazing! The colour is more of a "metal" finish then a Glittery finish!

Yes Yes Yes 1000x YES!

So their you have it!
Please post a comment letting me know what you think!
Or if you have tried these products id love to hear how you find them!

Lots of love
Jade xx


  1. This looks precious, I think. :) debra kroll

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