Monday, February 6, 2012

Valentines Day?

Valentines day........
Can be a tricky time for some people and a over-the-top time for others.
Well whether your anti-valentines day or if your running towards it head-over-heels I have some great makeup looks for you!

Firstly...which one are you? You dont have to be one or the other!

Me personally valentines day is just another day, i will be celebrating it at work! YAAAAAY (lol)
So i have no plans at all!
So whether your celebrating with a loved one, or with friends or family just remember its a day for love!

Love can be many things! Love of family and friends, pets, CHOCOLATE (in my case hehee) but most importantly yourslef!

Treat yourself this valentines day!

Here are some tips for amazing makeup all day or all night long!

Keep the shine at bay ladies! if you suffer from oily/combination skin, ensure you are prepared!!
Take and USE blotting tissues and also take a compact powder to re-touch your face when needed!
If you want a longer lasting matte finish to your skin i recommend using a cosmetic sponge to apply your powder, gently pat it into your skin for a matte velvety smooth finish to your makeup!

In my personal opinion, during valentines day people LOVE LOVE LOVE pinks and purples and to be honest sometimes....most of the can go over bored with the colour! If you planning on wearing pink, keep it to one area of your face!

There is nothing worse then seeing corpse lips aka jersey shore lips! DONT be afraid to wear colour on your lips. IF your just love your nude lips thats fine, remember though the right nude colour for you is the closest possible colour to your natural lip colour!
But for the rest of you colour addicts, I know it can be deterring if your planning on doing heaps of kissing......BUT lip colour is a MUST!
To stop/prevent the dreaded lipstick transfer here are some options of your lips~

Lip tints are amazing! they offer no shine but give you lips that POP of much needed colour!

Now i admit this will still give a small amount of transfer, but not nearly as much as a regular lipstick.
Matte lipsticks have a much dryer formula so they stick to your lips far better then normal lipstick.
ALSO if you apply your lip colour then place a tissue over the top, and pat on some powder over the top of the tissue, this will give your lip colour that extra long lasting effect!

Yes lip tattoos are amazing! Once you get past the slightly "weird" feeling of your lips, these are defiantly to way to go! Especially if you want a BIGHT or GLITTERY lip colour!
These last between 4-8HRS!!!!! and there is NO chance of any transfer to your partner or any fall out! The only down side is lipgloss etc is a NO NO!

A Smile! A smile is the most beautiful makeup a woman can wear!

Here is a simple natural makeup look using the Violent lips Pink Glitterattie tattoo!

So if your more Anti-Valentines or if you just want to transform yourself to really knock his socks off then i suggest going more dramatic! Try new looks something that you have never done before, and quite possible will never do again!
Its time to take a chance, break free from your normal "safe" mold and have fun!

This may be the look for you!

Just remember at the end of the day....its just another day!

Have fun, embrace life & Love fully!!!

Until next time
I love you all

Jade x

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