Monday, March 5, 2012

Beauty Sleep...Are you getting enough?

Hey guys!
So its currently 12.40am and im bored! Im going onto night shift tonight so trying to stay up all morning, sleep all day so hopefully ill be ready for tomorrow....wait tonight lol.

Being on shift work did take AGES to get used to and even now after almost 2 years im just getting the hang of it! There is NOTHING worse then not getting enough sleep....ohhh well too much sleep isnt that great either!

But you know you always work better, feel better, and even look better when you have the correct amount of sleep, and lets be honest.......your more agreeable (hahhaha) when your not sleepy!
But then how much sleep should we be getting?
Its all very confusing because research shows that not enough sleep can lead to cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and hypertension, while too much sleep can lead to doubling your risk of cardiovascular disease and it will also slow down your metabolism by 5-10%! 

But most researcher say between 7-8 hours. I know that sometimes you dont get enough and think
"ohhh ill be right...its all good" but you can and will be doing yourself serious damage! Trust me ive experienced this first hand! When i first started night did i struggle! it was awful to be honest! I got to the point when i was so tired that i couldnt work, so i went home, was in bed by 6pm and didnt resurface till 2pm!!!! Thats like 19hrs sleep straight! What i had was Sleep Debt!
Sleep Debt is a real thing! i had heard about it before but just shrugged it off thinking it wasnt really that important, but i learned that the hard way!
Sleep debt is literally when you dont get enough sleep, just say for 2 days you only get 5hrs sleep each night....thats 6hrs sleep your missing out on, and it doesn't just disappear, it will catch up on you and when it does you may be sleeping for as long as i did trying to catch it all back up!

Another reason that will keep you from sleeping correctly is sleep apnea!
Sleep apnea isnt picky, on age, sex or weight anyone could get it and many people have it and dont even know!
Sleep apnea is basically when the muscles in the back of your throat become very relaxed and loosen, they block your air ways temperately (a few seconds at a time)

causing all of your organs to work extra hard to pump oxygen around your body! This will make you feel exhausted, you will wake up feeling tired, you will have lack of concentration, even sex drive. Also it can cause high blood pressure and snoring! You can get tested very easily and its easily treated! Just go to your local doctor and ask for a referral to get tested =D

But if your struggling to get your full beauty sleep here are a few tips that i find help me!

Relaxing music- this is amazing and these days there are hundred of songs and even apps for your phone, this really helps if you find that your mind is constantly buzzing by distracting you!

Tea- Such as chamomile, its amazing to help you start to calm down and prepare for bed

Hot Bath- hot water can do wonders especially if your muscles are sore, this will help to sooth and relax you so your ready for a decent sleep!

Ear plugs or eye patch- these two are honestly my life savers! I need total darkness to sleep and the less noise i hear the better!

Routine- If you get into a regular routine before bed this will make a huge difference. Do similar things at similar times before bed this will let your body know that your preparing to sleep, trust me this is amazing!

and finally another thing that helps me is a herbal sleep tablet, it possibly is just placebo but i think it helps me, just remember that these should never become a regular thing in your sleeping routine!

So i hope this had helped, i know it will help your body and your eye bags in the long run! So if your struggeling with beauty sleep try some of these sugestiongs it might just change your life!

Lots of love always

Jade xxxx

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