Thursday, April 26, 2012

LUSH Colour Supplement REVIEW

Hey Loveleis!
So as you all know i LOVE lush and im constantly on their websight check out all the new products! WELL i found a new one!


Its described as being a "multipurpose base colour"
But it is basically a fantastic all rounder!
You can mix it with a moisturizer for a light tinted colour or you can use it on its own as a foundation for flawless and moisturized skin, you can also use it as a contouring product or a concealer.

It comes in 5 colours
Jackie Oates- for English roses (*coming soon)
Light Yellow-  for Ivory Complexions
Light Pink-  for Pale pink (*most popular according to Lush)
Dark Yellow- for Olive skin tones
Dark Pink- for Deep skin tones

For $17.95 you will get 20gms of product.
I got Light Yellow

Consistency & Texture

The consistency to me looks like its whipped and airy, lighter then the Maybelline Dream Mouse.
However seeming it looks light and airy its still in a liquid form, and on the thicker creamer side.
A little bit goes a loooong way.
To me it feels like a thick moisturizer, it has that feeling on the skin. It doesn't feel like foundation, its extremely hydrating and moisturizing. Its a very smooth and velvety product to work it.


Smell to me is a big thing when it comes to foundation and things that are going on your face, especially around your nose!  The smell to me is very present i cant quite put my finger on it.
To me it smells like a organic moisturizer, it smells similar to Palmers Coco Butter, but has more of a rose smell to it. But yes it smells very nice!


At first i applied it with my fingers, mixed 1/2 and 1/2 with moisturizer. It felt amazing on the skin and a little bit did go along way. However it didnt give me much if any coverage.

The below picture is me with out any makeup

this picture is me with the Colour Supplement + moisturizer.

So then, i went though and applied it as a concealer in thicker sections to all my blemishes.

It took me a bit of trial and error to get it right. What ive found is because of the constancy you feel like you need to keep blending and blending, but ive found that if you blend it too much you will actually blend it away into nothingness.
So what i did was apply it in a similar way to how i apply my BB Cream. In a patting motion.
I also left in on the skin for a while, without blending it in,  and just like BB Cream it melted into the skin and became a perfect match with my skin!

Feel on the skin

It feels incredible, very smooth and soft. it just feels like skin. Its not heavy or cakey in anyway its amazing! But i did find that as the day went on i did need to apply a powder to set it and keep the shine at bay. Because my skin is combination/oily my skin did start to go shiny, but if you have dry skin this would be perfect!

Would I buy it again?



If you have any more questions please post one below!

Have a great day
Jade x

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