Friday, April 6, 2012

MILANI EYE TECH- Liquid Eyeliner Review!

Hey lovelies!

INTRODUCING........Milani's Eye Tech Liquid Eyeliner- My New FAVORITE eyeliner!

This product is amazing! Its a beautiful eyeliner to work with!
It was a super soft felt tip, which makes the product glide on without pulling or skipping on your lid.
The colour is a intense black!

 However if you leave the lid off or do not shake the product before use, your results will not be as desirable.

This product is a American product and difficult to get your hand on in Australia or Internationally.

I purchase mine from Nonparallel Boutique (which in my previous blog post ive spoken about)
On the Milani web sight the Eye Tech liner is number 10 in their top 10 selling products. Its described as being smudge proof, flake proof and fade proof. So its widely used and recognized as being a amazing product - which it is!

The liner comes in 3 shades



I purchase the black shade which i was happy to find out its a true JET BLACK!
The great thing about this liner is its precise! You can draw the thinnest of thin lines, you can draw a perfect cat/winged liner you can even draw perfect curves and bends.

The only down side to this product is the size!
The size sadly was a lot smaller then I expected, with only 0.44mL of product i felt slightly ripped off!

I paid $7.99 for this eyeliner and i was very happy with the price i didn't feel like it was too much to pay- However now seeing the size i do feel like a paid too much considering there isnt even a 1/2 ml of product.

But anyhow it is still a amazing product and Yes i would buy it again!
But im going to make the product last for as long as i possibly can!

So i quick story for you all! i wore this eyeliner out for a girls trip on the weekend!
We drove for 4-5hrs to the coast to go out and dance!
On the way back home, we were all hungover and feeling sorry for ourself..... the car broke down and we were stuck waiting for our men to come and help us hahaha so i used this eyeliner to do a skull mask on my friend Tiffany- Just proves how bored we all were

hahhaaha slightly disturbing i know but it proves how precise the liner is! And we got a good kick out of scaring passers by!

Also i wore it here for our girls night out, i didnt get any up-close picture unfortunately. BUT here is a sneak peek of my new hair!
tutorial for my hair transformation will be up when i get over this stupid cold!

Have a lovely day
I love you all!



  1. looks lovely - the hair i mean :) looks like u can have fun with the eyeliner .i used a lipstick the other day to jot down a phone number haha

    1. Thankyou hun! Yeah we were all pretty bored hahah! Dont you love that! I always use a lippie or eyeliner if i cant find a pen lol- i dont like to waste it but they are handy!