Monday, April 23, 2012


Hey lovelies
So if you are a regular on my blog,YouTube,Facebook or Twitter (gees i have too many accounts haha)
You would know that im taking part of the 30 Lipstick in 30 Days Challenge (created by LaurenDayMakeup)
Anyways, it was a great excuse to go out and my more lip products!

So the new product i decided to purchase was

Revlon's Lip Butter

I know that if you live overseas that it has been out for ages already but here in Australia, it has just launched.

So lets drive straight into the review
The first thing that hit me was the choice of colours
there are so many! they have a total of 20 colours. Ranging from the rich and deep to the faint and subtle. All of the lip butters have a soft gloss or sheen to them, with some having a faint hint of glitter too. On the Revlon webisight they describe the product as being "Buttery Balm + Shiny Colour"
Which i totally agree with!

So after working my way though all 20 colours i finally settled on Strawberry Shortcake.

It is a beautiful bright pink, with a tiny hint of sparkle. It the type of pink that will complement any skin tone, its not too dark, not too pale and its a neutral based pink.

The second thing i noticed about the Revlon Lip Butters were the price!
$21.95!!!! To me that is expensive! especially because there are so many wonderful colours, i wanted to buy them all! To be the price is a deterring me from buying as many as id like to. It is very disappointing because ive had many of you already tell me that in America they retail for $7! 3 for the price of what i paid for 1! Anyways, obviously i still bought 1 but I do feel that they are quite pricey.

So when i got home i tried it straight away!
the texture is unbelievable! Revlon where right, it is a "Buttery Balm" but its so smooth and creamy and it glides on very nicely! However because if the texture, when you were it on your lips it does like to glide off, so you will need to line your lips so it will stay in place. Also it doesn't last very long on, mainly because of the conditioning qualities so if you planning on wearing it all day, you will need to do a few touch-ups though out the day!

Another thing that i noticed was you need to use a fair bit if you want a true opaque colour.
i found that i needed to glide it back and forth on my lips to get the desired amount of colour. if i just applied it like a normal lipstick the colour i found was more watered down and not as pretty.

On the left is a full swatch, on the right is lightly swatching the colour.

The down side to having to use more product is, obviously it doesn't last as long. Also  i compared the amount you get in a Revlon Lip Butter to a normal lipstick and sadly there was alot less.
The product weight of a Revlon lip butter is  2.5g vs the average lipstick at 3g - 3.5g

But im not trying to deter you from purchasing one. I feel everyone should own at least one! they are a amazing product and so beautiful to work with!

If you have one of these already id love to hear your thoughts!

Have a fantastic day

Lots of love
Jade x


  1. Great review! I agree with the price being ridiculous!

    1. Yeah it sucks~! glad you liked the review xx

  2. I agree about the price, I think it's because they have been so hyped in america they think they can get away with it. Of course I was excited to see them though and I did swatch the colours I had been looking forward to most but honestly the swatches were just not what I imagined. I was expecting a lip balm meets lipstick but from the swatches they seemed more like a lip gloss meets lipstick. Big difference for me!
    These reminded me a lot of Avon glaze wear lipsticks, and I felt glaze was a more suitable adjective than buttery. Have you tried the glaze wear by Avon? would be interested if you think they compare.

    1. Yeah i reckon thats why! Ohh it sucks though =( No ill have to give them a go!
      Yeah a few of my friends got the more glittery lip butters and to me the swatches looked very washed out and subtle. But i think because mine was slightly more matte, or maybe because i used more (hahaha) it was more pigmented xx