Sunday, April 8, 2012


For all you lucky people living in the Northern Hemisphere who are enjoy spring time OH im so jealous! Here in Australia its Autumn BUT that is no excuse not to go though all your old makeup and give it a good clean & Clear out!

I was shocked to find that most of my friends didn't know that makeup just like food has a expiry date!
Well for any of you out there that are still unsure....IT DOES!

Because your makeup is coming into contact with you skin constantly - eyeliners, lipsticks, Cream blush etc, every time you use your makeup your transferring bacteria from your skin to your makeup. Overtime the bacteria builds up and multiplies! So if you have been using the same liquid eyeliner for years.....I would be (and im sure you would be too) horrified to see all the bugs and bacteria that has grown in in that eyeliner!

Also over time the chemical compounds in the makeup can start to deteriorate and go stale having harmful effects on your skin, and if your using more then 1 out of date item at a time, the combination of the stale chemicals can be disastrous!

The same rule applies for your makeup  brushes! and even more so! Because the brushes are what is coming into direct contact with your skin! You MUST clean your foundation brush/stippling brush/sponge after EVERY SINGLE USE!
Otherwise you will be transferring old dirt and oil back to your skin! EWWW! the result being...your skin is going to break out...and break out BAD!

With other brushes such as contorting and eyeshadow brushes you can get away with leaving the for a bout 1week before you clean them....but no longer then that!

****And i suppose i should say...never share your makeup or your makeup brushes without cleaning them prior to use and after use!

So in the spirit of spring (ohhhhh i miss it)
and spring cleaning, i have some helpful tips and tricks to help you clean and clear out all your old unused makeup!

Tackle those brushes!

This is a recipe that i use all the time at home!
You will Need
Extra Virgin Olive Oil-
Antibacterial Hand wash-

I use 3 parts Hand wash to 1 Part Olive oil!
The  Olive oil is going to soften the bristles of your brushes and stop them from drying out, while the Antibacterial hand wash is going to get in there and kill all of the germs! if your not using a antibacterial soap/wash your hard work will be pointless!

To see how to clean your brushes watch this video!


This is a general guide line of when makeup goes bad
* Please not this is just a guide, use your own discretion if makeup becomes discoloured or starts to smell funky TOSS IT OUT!

*Primers- Including eye and face  
8-12 months

*Liquid Products- So foundation and concealers
 1 year

*Powdered Products- Including powder foundation, bronzers and blushes
 2 years

*Cream Products- Eyeshadow, blush etc  
1 year

up to 2 years

*Lipsticks & Lipgloss's 
1- 1 1/2 years

*Eyeliner & Lipliners in Pencil form (& if sharpened regally) 
up to 2 years

*Glitter & Liquid eyeliner 

*Gel & Cream eyeliners- Incling NYX jumbo pencils, and MAC paint pots- 
up to 1 year


1year- but it will most likely still work after that time

So to help you keep track of your makeup, i just put a sticky dot or write on the back or the bottom of my makeup when i purchased it, remember this is not the manufacture date, but because the makeup hasn't been (or you hope it hasn't been) used or opened before you then this should be the date to go by!

Remember this is just a guide- you can make your makeup last longer but always cleaning your brushes, never cross contaminating your makeup and NEVER sharing your makeup!
Its always a good idea aswell to wipe down the outside of your makeup with a baby wipe or even better a antibacterial wipe! 

OK so i hope this has been usfull for you!
Remember when in doubt

Enjoy the rest of you day!

Lots of love Jade x

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    1. I guess it's time for me to throw out almost all of my old makeup and buy new everything! Can you believe some of my makeup is over 30 years old (Stagelight Cosmetics Peacock Blue glitter eye-shadow). Where does the time go? It's good I ran across your video "SPRING CLEAN Your Makeup & Brushes" on your YouTube Channel. (where I discovered your blog, this post and your Twitter @makemestunning. Wow, you've done a lot of good makeup videos and tutorials.

      Great idea about marking the dates on the bottom and important information with respect to keeping things germ free.