Monday, May 28, 2012

Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hr Eyeshadow REVIEW

Hey lovelies!
Hope you are all well! So i have a very exciting review for you all today! Some of you may know that ive recently become a Maybelline NY Beauty Vlogger, So i do product and makeup tutorials for Maybelline's Australian YouTube Channel! YAAAAY!!

I recently was sent 3 of the BRAND NEW "Color Tattoo 24hr Eyeshadow"

And im very excited to tell you all that they will be launching in Australia in July!!

So without further ado lets get into the review!


On the Maybelline NY websight they describe the new "Color Tatoo 24hr Eyeshadow" as a "Cream Gel Shadow" offering 24hr intensity and a "tattoo" like lasting power, using their "Ink Technology" for super-saturated colour.
FOR $6.99 you will get 4g or .14oz of product. KEEP IN MIND that is the US Pricing and i fear for us Aussie's it will be around the $15-$20 mark =(



So in my opinion these are AMAZING! Now im not just saying that because im sponsored by Maybelline, this is my 100% honest opinion!
Ive seen MANY reviews (and im sure you have too) on YouTube and many people compared them to the MAC Paint Pots. So i was super excited to get my hands on these and give my honest opinion.
These products will honestly last me soooo long there is so much in them! And they are so bright and pigmented that a little goes such a long way!


The texture is quite dense, more then what i would have expected! Maybelline are defiantly right in saying its a "Cream Gel" as the texture is quite heavy, without the wetness that gel products usually have, it is defiantly a creamy product.
It is very soft and silky to work with and feels surprisingly light on the eyes, considering the texture seemed quite heavy!
If i was to compared the texture to the MAC Paintpots i would say it was similar but not the same. My MAC Paintpot (Indaianwood) has more of a dry texture and consistency where the Color Tattoos constancy is much silkier and creamier.
But if your using both as a base product they are equally as good!


Maybelline have put out 10 amazing shades in the Color Tattoo Range
I haven't yet worn the eyeshadow for a full 24hrs to see if it really does last. BUT ive worn it for a good 12hrs and it certainly did last and still looked as fresh as ever!

I was sent 3 shades

15-Audacious Asphalt, 40- Tenacious Teal & 20- Painted Purple

When the rest of the shades become available in Australia i will definalty be buying them all! (let me know if you would like a more in depth review)

So i though i would break down each shade for you!

15-Audacious Asphalt

This is such a stunning shade! It would work beautifully as a base to add a metallic finish to your eyeshadow, but it also looks fantastic on its own!
Its not too light and not too dark- A perfect medium!

I love this shade, I think because its a true asphalt shade without being too silver! As you can see it has a real metallic finish and not too much shimmer/glitter.

40- Tenacious Teal

This is a HIGHLY pigmented shade, to me its a real electric blue!. It s stunning colour with a hint of shimmer and sparkle to it.

 It goes on extremely bright and has a very true Teal/Aqua shade to it.
To me i feel the shimmer is slightly silver looking, which is so beautiful because it give a unexpected glow to your eyes.

20- Painted Purple 

This is one of my favorite shades aswell! I feel its not as bright as some of the other shades, i feel it has more of a pastel lilac finish to it! Which is fantastic if you new to wearing colours as this isnt too intense! 

As you can see by the swatch this shadow has more of a matte finish to it compared to the other shadows. I found when using this shadow you needed to apply slightly more product to the others to get more of a even result, not 100% sure why but i think its because the finish is slightly more dry compared to the others.



The smell isnt really anything to get excited about! It smells like most other cosmetics, no where near as nice as the Maybelline Lipsticks but hey its not that bad!


So as i mentioned earlier you can use them as a base, under eyeshadow's. You can also use them on their own or as a eyeliner (waterline included)
My experience is when they are used as a base they are fantastic! they really help to prime your eyes and make the rest of the shadows more intense!
As a eyeshadow they are great too! It did take me a little while to get used to the texture because it is such a creamy product. I was surprised to find they dont crease or fade at all!
BUT one thing i did notice is when your applying them (mainly with the Painted Purple Shade) you may need to apply a few coats to get a even finish. Also letting each layer dry or set for a few seconds will help the finished result look smoother!

Shadows used on their own- Painted Purple & Tenacious Teal


I hope you have found this interesting and I hope you are all
excited as i am for the launch in Australia!

Have a great day

Love Jade xx

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Hey lovelies!
Winter is defiantly here Brrrrrr!
Im here today with some fashion tips and advice on how you can transform your wardrobe and look great!

You dont have to go out and buy heaps of new clothes! You can transform some of your existing pieces but adding texture and building layers!

Check on the video below!

Now onto whats in fashion this Autumn/Winter (in my opinion) 


Winter is gloomy enough without adding black! So ditch your LBD for a LWD!
 This outfit is great because of the asymmetrical design of the dress, it gives your figure fullness and some softness and the same time!

Add texture and layers! Not only will this vest keep you warm, but its a great accessory in transforming a summer dress!

And i couldn't help myself i had to add a POP colour and print!


DRESS- Mooloola- $130 (from City Beach)
VEST- Valley Girl $20
SHOES- Mojito $70 (from City Beach)
BAG- K-mart $3
HEAD BAND- Supre $5


Sheer is so in at the moment! And i love button down tops! This top is great because its sleeveless and i know some parts in Australia dont really get a winter so this is a great alternative to a full length top!
If your game and just want to wear a bra underneath, i recommend selecting a bar that is the same or similar colour to your top!

Another "IN" item with fashion is coloured demin! Oh im in LOVE


SINGLET- Supre $12
GREEN JEANS- Supre $25
SHOES- Cotton On $10
BELT- Supre $10


I LOVE colour blocking! but i know its not everyone cup of tea! So if your new to colour blocking try adding a neutral band to break up the outfit! Like what ive down with a neutral singlet! If you want to add accessory (scarf) just make sure they are neutral toned!


JEANS- Supre $25
SINGLET- Supre $12
TOP- Valleygirl $10
SHOES- Cotton On $10
SCARF- Supre $10


Time to ditch the short dresses and wear something sophisticated and sexy!
This is a great look, and will make your the center of attention for all the right reasons!
Ive added another POP of colour with a yellow necklace
And again you can wear just a bra (black in this case) or a neutral singlet underneath


SHORTS- Lolitta $80
LACE TOP- Target $25
SINGLET- Supre $12
WEDGES- Betts $120
NECKLACE- Diva $25


This is one of my favorite looks and its so much fun! Here ive added colour but using a mono-chromatic colour scheme, By adding colour that way, you will NEVER go wrong!

Printed jeans are another must! Ive seen heaps of leopard print out there but i wanted something that no one else had! ELEPHANT PRINT!


JEANS- Asos $70
TOP- Jay Jays $25
SHOES- Cotton On $10
CARDIGAN- Supre $25
NECKLACE- Target $3
BELT- Supre $10


This look is so comfortable! Its great wearing maxi skirts because your still wearing a skirt but have the warmth of extra fabric!


MAXI SKIRT- Valley Girl $20
TOP -MooLooLa- $90 (City Beach)
BELT- Supre $10
SANDALS- Betts $30
BAG- Cotton On- $5
HAT- Cotton On $5


Enjoy lots of love

Jade xx

MAYBELLINE Super Stay 14hr Lipstick Review

Hey Loveleis!
Im so excited ive just finished filming my first video as a Maybelline NY Vlogger!

This is the product they sent me to use and i fell in love it so much that i wanted to do a in-depth blog review!

The lipstick i received is

Maybelline Super Stay 14hr Lipstick


The colour i received is 080 Infinite Iris 

I like to describe the colour as "Jewel Toned"  Its a rich plummy, musky pink!
Not too pink and not too red. It has a very slight purple undertone.
And as you can see it has a beautiful shine and gloss to it!

This is a new product from Maybelline and im not 100% Sure if it is available in Australia yet.
Its on the Maybelline USA web sight but not on the Australia web sight, however the 24hr Super stay Lipstick is on the Australian web sight and available in store.

On the Websight its described as "a lipstick that wont weigh you down" Its a superstay lipstick with super rich colour offering "No dragging, No drying, No let-downs"

It comes in 20 different shade, and the size it 3.3g or 12oz.

My Opinion  

Its a amazing product to work with! Ive used long lasting lipstick before but as the time goes they crack, peel and then when you want to get the buggers off they stain your lips!

But this product is the opposite! Its smooth and creamy like velvet. It give a soft gloss to your lips and plenty of moisture!
I wore it all day and not once did my lips feel dry!

It smells AMAZING! I cant explain it but its nothing like your ordinary lipstick sent! Its like flowers and has a faint sweet smell like raspberry's. Its not overpowering at all, but very pleasant! 

They retail (in America) for $8.99 so when they become available in Australia im guessing they will retail between $15- $20.

Do they really last for 14hrs?

When i used this product i always prime, line and then blot! So ive done all i can to prepare my lips and make the lipstick last as long as possible! and YES it did last for 14hrs! and MORE!
It wasn't obviously as perfect as it was when i first applied it, but the colour was still visible and still gave my lips a nice tint!

I haven't used it on its own, but im guessing that the effects would wear off quicker.

First applied

 After 14hrs
So as you can see there is still colour there but not as pronounced! the gloss has faded and in this picture i just have a balm over the top.

Thankyou all for reading! Ill post the Maybelline video here when it becomes available!

Let me know if you have used this before and what your thoughts are!

Have a fantastic day

Love you all