Wednesday, July 18, 2012

DIY Poison Ivy Costume

Hey my Lovelies
So i know that this post is a bit different form anything else ive done before! But for those of you who love fancy dress parties or Halloween this will be the post for you!
A few months ago i was invited to a birthday party, only to find out 1 day in advance that it was a dress up party! CRAP.....i was thinking, gees what am i going to wear!
All the costume shops where i live were all booked out and they are super pricey aswell!
So i decided to make my own!
This way your guaranteed a 100% unique costume, that you can have forever and reuse!

- Green singlet dress- Supre $12

- Hot Glue Gun- Bunnings $8

- Green Fabric (can use a few different shades if you like) 2 mts of each $20 fabric shop

- Saftey Pins, Needle & Thread & Scissors- $10 Craft Shop

- Leaves- From the garden

- Old Head Band


1- Wear the Dress. This is the best way to see how it will hang and sit on your body when your wearing it.

2- Start with some of the green fabric- Im using the darker green silky fabric
Using the saftey pins pin the fabric to your dress. I started the fabric from my sholder.

 Then moved down to my waist and so on! Go crazy you can make some really cool shapes!

3- Carefully take the dress off. Find the section where the saftey pins are

4- Take the needel and thread and start sewing each section to the dress
5- I only sewed a little bit on each section (cos im lazy) then i went in with the hot glue gun!

6- Now with the patterned green fabric- draw out leave shapes and cut them out! Cut out lots of different sized =D

7- Take the hot glue gun and glue the tips of the leaves to the dress.  I placed mine where the sewing was, but you can put it anywhere you like! I also glued some on the shoulder parts of my dress.

8- If you like glue on real leaves as well! This will give a really realistic feel to your costume
9- Take a old head band
10- And hot glue on real leaves or fake ones if you like!
I decided to use real leaves, cos they are free! IF you were to buy fake leaves you need heaps and it adds up $$$

LET THE BOTH DRY for at least 12hrs!

AND YAAAy your all done!
I hope you have found this helpfull! Please let me know what you think and if your going to give it a go!

So i did film a tutorial for this, but ive lost it! =(
so ill just tell you what i used and what i did! Not the same i know but its better then nothing!

-I started by drawing the design around my eyes with a green eyeliner- Then i filled it in with a green eyeshdow
- Taking cosmetic glitter i glue it on the area using a glitter eyeliner.
-Applied feather lashes
- lots of blush and red lipstick

Sugar Pill Sweet Heart & Heart Breaker Palettes
Eyelashes from a craft shop (dont know that brand sorry)
Cosmetic Glitter (any brand will do)
Napoleon Perdis Double Agent Rouge Lipstick
SAVVY Rose Blush


See you all soon!



  1. What a great last-minute bit of masterful costuming! The green leafy outfit, the fabulous and wild eye-makeup and lashes are really highlighted beautifully by that fantastic red hair colour. It's an amazing look. Lights! Camera! Action! It looks like you had a great time.

    1. Thankyou very much! Yes it was a great night!