Sunday, August 5, 2012

ADORN Makeup Brush review

Hey lovelies!
So you all know im always on the look out for new products!
But i feel i should give you all so background information about the reasons that brought me to my latest purchase.
Ive always loved watching documentary, its not until a friend of mine gave me a copy of a documentary called "Earthlings" for me to watch, that i was unsure.
My friend is a Vegan and is very open about sharing her views on the issue or animals and how humans use them.
So i was skeptical as i started to watch this doco. I though it would be very 1 sided and not give you all the facts. But this couldnt be further from the truth.
Im not going to go into detail, if you have seen this doco you know what its like. Basically i was bawling my eyes out within the first 5mins!

So after the life changing experience (and yes i do honestly feel that its changed my life- from food, fashion, makeup and BRUSHES)
I though there is NO WAY im going to buy fur brushes. SO i went on the look out for high quality synthetic, 100% cruelty free & Australian made/own brushes!

And that is what ive found!



ADORN was created and is owned by a amazing Aussie woman called Briony.
ADORN is actually a Mineral Cosmetics company, that specialize in high quality 100% toxic free cosmetics, made from pure natural and organic ingredients.
They are also 100% cruelty free, Vegan & PETA registered.
Check out this link for more info on the ingredients in their products.
ADORN sell pretty much everything. From primes, to lipsticks, brushes to mascaras, skincare to VEGAN False Lashes.

Why did I choose ADORN?

Now i know that there are many brands that are Aussie owned and cruelty free, but these brushes really appealed to me! I just love the sophisticated look to them, they shape and the brushes looked amazing! And because it is a Aussie company i really wanted to support them. But now that i have these amazing brushes in my hands i can tell you they are incredible and i highly recommend them to everyone- Makeup Artist to Makeup Enthusiast!


So i bough my brushes directly from the ADORN website.  It was scary buying them at first because i knew nothing of the quality or what they would be like.
The brush set i purchased is the 7 Piece Essential Vegan Brush Set.

The set is the most expencive set that i have purchased. It retails for $75. So when they finally arrived i was thrilled to see that the quality and craftsmanship did live up the my expectation.
And i HIGHLY recommend these, and now that i have the i realize $75 isnt much to pay for such great quality! They also sell Kabuki and foundation brushes aswell as many more!
I will continue to purchase my brushes from them and also im keep to give their makeup a go!
Their online service and delivery was amazing!


So as i mention i got the 7 Piece Essential Vegan Brush Set.
This obviously comes with 7 Brushes in a easily transportable brush case. This pack i must admit is slightly smaller then i though it would be, BUT after days and days of trying them out, in my opinion it doesn't make a scrap of difference!
The great thing about the size is, these brushes are so easily transported! great if you traveling or if you going out on the town and dont want to take a massive powder brush with you!
The texture is incredible! SUPER SUPER soft like velvet on your skin! honestly i wish i could have a pillow made out of the same stuff~ OH they are so nice to use!
And even better since ive had then (and used them everyday) there has been 0 shedding.
The bushes feature a black round end handle, with a stainless-steel/chrome base. The bristles are white with a Chocolate brown accent.

In the 7 piece set you get

1- Large Brush - Use for Blush/Bronzer application or Perfect Finish Matte Setting Powder.
Super Super soft. The bristles are dense but fluffy at the same time. Perfect to pick up a good ammount of powder, but soft enough to leave a air-brushed velvety finish on you skin!

2- Medium Brush - Great for contouring under cheek bones with bronzer.
Again texture is unbelievable. The bristles are slightly denser and the brush is slightly shorter, then the Large Brush but still makes for effortless blending.

3- Lash wand - Unclump your lashes or brush for brow perfection.
 Very hand to have- Bristles are super soft and not scratchy at all!
Photo taken when the brush was still in its protective clear wrap.

4- Small Flat Brush - Use to apply concealer, lipstick or eyeshadow.
again texture amazing. Firmer bush with a small amount of pliability on the end of the brush fantastic for lips and blending out concealer.

5- Large Flat Brush - Use for eye shadows by pressing onto the lid.
Again dense but soft- Its great to get a intense amount of shadow on the lid but also great for softening and blending out the shadows.

6- Dome/round brush - Used for eye socket contouring and blending.
my FAVOURITE brush! this baby speechless i just love it!
its rounded edge makes it the perfect brush for contouring you eye. Getting right into the crease and blending out colours into nothingness- Everyone should own this brush!

7- Angle Liner Brush - Great for precision eyeliner application and brow defining.
Super thin but dense and strong. Create the most flawless cat liner ever!


So also the brushes come in a case that is great for transporting. The case fits all the brushes easily but snuggly- with out giving the brushes room to fall out. It has 2 main pouches 1 i fit my Large & medium brush and the dome brush, the other pouch fits all the other brushes.

The case also has a flap- preventing any dirt or dust from reaching your brushes, and keeping the bristly es in pristine condition.

the side of the case also has a little pouch with a zip to store any makeup or what ever

and all fits together with a button to secure it all in place!

Lots of love



  1. Decades ago I saw a documentary titled "Meat" on public television. It was one hour on sheep and another hour on cows documenting everything from them being herded for the slaughter all the way through the slaughterhouses until their body parts came out packaged. It was very upsetting and I was so glad I was already a vegetarian. I wonder if the documentary you watched titled "Earthlings" was like that one.

    The Adorn 7 Piece Essential Brush Kit looks fabulous! I'm taking note of their products especially since, you pointed out they're vegan and PETA registered!

    I'll be on the lookout for your YouTube video on the Adorn Brushes.

    1. Hey thankyou! Yes it was very sad, it was about using animals for food, clothes, entertainment,and scientific testing. It was truly a eye opener but im very glad that i watched it.
      Yeah i cant wait to try out their makeup! There are just so many nastiess in makeup so it would be great to try something that is toxic free!