Thursday, August 2, 2012

Makeup "Rules" To Break!

Hey my lovelies!
So before i start this is all in the name of fun!
I know that technically there are no makeup "Rules" but these are more things that i remember being told as i grew up that are a must/No No to do in makeup! So im here today to prove these old makeup "rules" wrong!
So for those of you who watch my YouTube channel, may have already seen the video on this! But there are LOADS more then 5 Makeup "Rules" that ive head of, so i though id all them all on here! Otherwise i reckon my video would have been 20mins long! 

So first things first, do you guys have any makeup "rules" or wives tales that you remember hearing when you were young?
For me there are many like
"If you have dark lips, keep your eyes neutral."
"Small eyes cant wear black eyeliner." 

and most surprisingly.....

"Smile when you apply your blush."

Its strange because all of these things i was told that you had to do! But its just not the case!
And this post is going to show you why!!


Well no it doesn't! You can definably use a foundation to spot treat your face! This way your skin is going to be able to breath, leading to a healthier complexion! And you will look fresh, not like you have or needed to cake on the makeup! It will let your natural beauty shine though!


Again this is not the case. Ive found that when i apply my concealer first if im light handed, when i start blending in the foundation it basically bends the concealer into nothingness! So then basically you have to apply more concealer to cover what you've rubbed away- this can lead to a CAKE FACE if your not careful!

So 2 ways you can combat this

1- Apply concealer with a heavier hand- Dont blend it in just apply concealer and then apply foundation over the top!
2- Apply concealer AFTER your foundation! This way you can spot treat your face and you wont need to use as much makeup! So its a win win situation!


Again not the case! Especially if you doing a very dark smokey eye, or if you working with pigments or glitters. Applying foundation first can just be a hassle leading to added work and time on your part!
As my dad always says "Work smarter, Not Harder!"
So what im talking about is Fall out!
You know when you spend ages perfecting your foundation (and in my case under eye concealer) and then BAM!!! Its wrecked by powdery shadows (that i think just want to wreck out day hahaha)
So if you apply your eye makeup first, clean up any fall out and then continue on with your foundation WA LA! Problem solved!


In many cases Yes this is true. But its not the only product you can use! Im not talking about a shimmering bronzer- you defiantly want your contour colour to be matte (more natural). But you can use a blush instead!
Ovbiously this is more directed at cheek and face contouring, not so much nose contouring. But by contouring with a blush your killing 2 birds with 1 stone. Your contouring, and adding colour to your skin! Saving time in the long run, and tust me the result is still just as effective!
Just remember to use a lighter hand as first and build up depth if you need to!


SO this is the one thing that really confused me at first. All the tims ive watched tutorials or seen others do their makeup its almost a habbit to automatically smile when you put your blush on. And yes im not saying that its a bad thing to do. The reason why i dont do it is simple.
When you smile your cheeks sit alot higher then what they do when your face is natural.
So if you apply the blush on the apples of your cheeks, when your smiling what happens more often then not is the blush will sag and sit closer to your mouth then on the apple of your cheek! This rule especially applies if your skin is more mature.
If you blush isnt applied in the correct area it can  make you look like a clown and can age you!
The blow photo on the right side i smiled when i applied my blush and on the left side i didnt
Can you spot the difference?


Yes this is true that if you have small eyes, rimming them in black will make them appear smaller. BUT if you desperately want that sexy smokey eye, and you have small eyes. There are still many ways you can achieve it but slightly tweaking how you apply your makeup!

1- I suggest creating a "Cat eye" shape- By elongation your eyeshadow our wider then your eye this will make your eyes appear wider set and bigger!
2- Add a small amount of a white shimmering shadow to your brow bone, and to the inner corner of your eyes! This will make the black stand out and make your eyes appear brighter and whiter!
3- you can also apply a small amount of a white shimmering shadow to the ball of you eye. This will draw attention to that area making the eye appear larger then what it is!
4- Try circle lens's. I know they arnt for everyone but i LOVE them! My eyes are tiny and these really make then look huge! 


NO WAY! Just the same as any other prodcut!
You can make a amazing lipgloss out of eyeshadow by mixing it with Vaseline! 
Eyeliner can make a perfect brow pencil!
And LIPSTICK can make a amazing cream blush or cream highlighter! Give it a go!
This is great especially if your out and forgot to pack a blush and only have a lipstick! Again just be light handed at first and then go from there!


Again NO. You can create some amazing lip looks by used different/contrasting lipliners!
For exaple- A hot pink lipliner in the centre of your lips with a neautral lipstick will create a stunning soft ombre effect to your lips!  Provided that you blend the lip liner out and dont just leave it as a solid line.

or black eyeliner to line your lips and red lipstick over the top- 

Instantly transforms to standard "Red Lip" into doing dark and magical!
you see what i mean, there are many different looks you can create if you just have fun with it!


Ok so this is another thing that you have to take with moderation! Im not talking clown lips- i mean slightly over drawn lips is fine! Its actually a very useful trick if you have thin lips like me!
If its done subtly you wont believe the difference!

 Also to make your lips "appear" fuller here are a few more tips
1- Gloss in the center of your lower lips- Makes your pout look fuller
2- White shimmering shadow in the center of your lips- Draws attention to that area
3- Highlight your cupids bow- This again will draw attention to the area and make your lips look more defined
4- Add a little bit of contouring under your lower lip- this will make it look like your lips are so full that they are casting a shadow!
5- Use a plumping lip gloss/stick


Again defiantly no the case! You can go all out their with your makeup, as long as your happy and feel comfortable with what your wearing. Many more "out-there" or dramatic styles just take a bit of confidence to pull them off! Or if you worried at first start with shade in the same colour group- Smokey plum eyes, plum lips...etc etc

Here is a video i made for Maybelline NY explaining the best ways to wear dark eyes and lips.
Click HERE to watch it.

Ok so hopefully you have found this interesting!

PLS post a comment below if you have come across any of these "Rules" aswell!
Lots of love

Jade x


  1. I hate makeup rules so im glad you made this! Can't wait to see the video :)

  2. Thanx Jordy! yeah im uploading it now! I dont like rules either! x

  3. I love this! Such a great post. I watch your youtube videos, I never knew you had a blog until now! I just started blogging :)

    Sophie xx