Monday, August 20, 2012

Whats in your Beauty Products??

Hey Lovlies!
So by the title you are probably thinking
"What the...?"

Well dont worry this post will explain everything you need to know!

But first ill explain how this all started....

So it was just another boring say and i was just cruising around on YouTube (hours can just fly by on YouTube hahaha) any way, i came across this video....

Honestly its a must watch! Truly watch it NOW before you read the rest of this post!

After watching that i was truly blown away, i started reading all my labels on every product i own and its so scary! Honestly i dont like to say this, but no wonder so many people are getting sick these days! And just like they said in this video, it may be only small doses, but you might be using 15 different products with that chemical in it!

Ive had alot of experience though my hairdressing career with how chemical can affect your skin. Not only myself, but with my clients.  Out of the 3 people that i know that have unfortunately passed away from cancer, 2 of them were hairdressers! Im not saying that was the cause but its strange odds!
Many clients that i met that were suffering hair loss, 90% of them were on medication or had a poor diet! Everything we DO AND EAT comes though our body eventually! Whether its from down below, or though your skin or hair! Everything seeps though our pores! So if what goes in must come out, then what goes on our skin will go into our body aswell!

So its a scary though thinking about what we put on our skin everyday!
I counted what i used to use on a daily basis!

Lip Balm
Dishwashing Liquid

And thats not on days that i wash my hair or wear makeup!

All this scary and startling evidence ive found has made me radically change my beauty regime! Of course i still use and love my makeup, but im trying to cut back on everything else.
Not all my products are 100% natural products, nor do i think ill every be able to 100%. But everything helps, especially when your dealing with your health and body!

So for those of you that watch my YouTube channel this is the main reason that made me start my SKINSATIONAL videos!
Making cheap yet effective beauty products at home, that are chemical free, and organic as i can make them! In my opinion if you cant read the label or if you dont know what a ingredient means, its NOT GOOD FOR YOU!

Even Lush which says its "Natural" has parables in their products!


Just to make things more confusing.
Be very wary of the use of words that companies use to entice you to buy their products. Such as "Natural" "herbal" "Organic"
In the beauty industry there is a very loose standard on what they consider "Natural" etc.

A product can be called "Natural" if, the tiniest partial of the ingredients can some how be traced back to nature! So it could have 1/4 of a mls of, i dont know grass or something, and the rest is just chemical crap!
In my opinion a product is only "Natural" if you can read and understand all the ingredients!


So ill admit, i just did a copy and paste job on this, saves some time!

PHTHALATES / FRAGRANCE – Phthalates are estrogen-imitators that inflict destruction on the endocrine system in the human body and cause unwelcomed hormonal effects. “Fragrance” is unregulated and indicates the presence of up to four thousand different ingredients, many of which can be toxic or carcinogenic. In fact, clinical tests prove fragrances can affect the central nervous system, causing depression, hyperactivity and irritability.
FORMALDEHYDE – is used as a preservative and has been linked to cancer, reproductive problems and asthma.
PROPYLENE GLYCOL – It’s linked to liver abnormalities and kidney damage, and is also a skin and eye irritant.
Petroleum – is a common ingredient in beauty products. Petroleum derivatives have been linked to cancer, developmental and reproductive damage, immune system toxicity, endocrine disruption and neurotoxicity.
Hydroquinone – on some evidence in rodent studies that it may cause cancer, the FDA has proposed a ban on its use in over-the-counter products
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate – This is a very effective surfactant, but when mixed with other chemicals found in toiletries it can form carcinogenic (cancer-causing) compounds. This can also cause skin rashes and eye irritation.
COLORANTS – It is related to cancer, neurotoxicity, endocrine disruption and developmental and reproductive toxicity.
LEAD – In 1978, this was banned due to the dangers it causes to the body. It can affect almost every organ and system in the body. It can cause anemia, an increase in blood pressure and it can damage the brain and kidneys.
MINERAL OIL- It has been linked to a variety of things, from clogged pores to cancer. It does not allow the skin to breathe.
MERCURY- has antibacterial properties that can help prevent eye infections. But it can be toxic, so according to the FDA, it can only be used in trace amounts in certain eye products, including mascaras and eyeliners, when no other preservative can be used.

and this is only 10! There are over 500 products that beauty companies use regularly!


So after all that is said, Please dont think im trying to scare you! I just didnt know anything about this untill recently and i wanted to share it with you all so you can be better informed about your choices.

There are many sights that sell fantastic 100% Natural healthy products for your skin! Or you can just make then yourself at home! Google is packed with heaps of recipes that wont do your skin halm!
Check out some of my SKINSATIONAL Videos! And you will see what great results ive had with NO harm to my health!

Some of my favorite sights
This is a amazing company from my hometown! Fantastic products

Fantastic recipes here

More amazing products and FOOD!

Here are 2 of my SKINSATIONAL videos! I have many many more so check them out on my YouTube Channel! xxx


So here is a small list of things ive been experimenting with making! And you can all make these too! You would be surprised how many things you can swap for a natural and healthy alternative!

Exfoliater for face and body
Tooth Whitner
Lip Balm
Hair Treatment
Cuticle Oil
Spray and wipe
Washing liqid
Dishwashing Liquid
Hand Soap

And MANY MANY more! So be creative and try new things! xx

So yeah i hope you found this interesting and id love to know what your thoughts on this are!

Lots of Love

Jade xx


  1. WOW! What a detailed and thorough examination of beauty product ingredients! You really did a lot of research. I had no idea the chemicals in those long lists of ingredients could be so harmful. The research and information about alternatives or making one's own is amazing. I'll have to log in to YouTube to "like" your videos

    Thank you for subscribing to my YouTube channel and leaving the comment! I just did a new post and mentioned you as a cherished commenter (with your links) on my most recent Blogspot blog post titled: National Underwear Day Pop Up Event in New York City :)

  2. Thankyou!! No worries, thankyou! I really appreciate your support!