Sunday, October 28, 2012

How i lost 13kg! And im KEEPING it off!

Hey Lovelies!
So this is a different type of post yet again!
For those of you that follow me on my FaceBook or Instagram you would all know that ive been on a lifestyle overhaul ( i guess you could call it). Its not a diet (i hate that work) its literally a change of lifestyle!
And the longer ive been doing this the more passionate ive gotten!

This all started a few months ago when I was feeling like crap, pretty much. I was always bloated and i really wasnt happy with my figure. I was going to the gym regally but not really seeing much results. I know now looking back that i wasnt doing the correct exercise or challenging myself hard enough!

Me- Weight 76kg (the heaviest ive ever been) 25% body fat

This is me now! 63kg! I haven't measure my body fat% yet...but i will!

So before i start- Yes i added my weight but i rarely weight myself! i dont even own scales at home.
I feel that weight is just a number. So if your fit and healthy, it shouldn't matter how much you weigh. And as you guys know muscle weights more then fat anyway!

Everyone's bodies are different and its not realistic to look at someone else's figure/weight and say you want the same- We each have our own goals- and when we are all fit and healthy our bodies will still look different from others!
BUT please dont mistake fit people for being skinny or bony such as this picture below- this girl is AMAZING. it would have taken SOOOO much hard work to get where she is! She would eat like a horse and could probably snap you in half haha
This is my end goal 1 day!

** Just a quick note-
Im not a personal Trainer or a Dietitian- this is just what ive done and what has changed my life! IF you are keen on following anything in this blog see your doctor first =D

MY Change in Lifestyle

So what happened to change me you ask?
It was a combination of things and ALOT of gurling hard work. If you really and i mean REALLY want to change your life and your body you are going to have to put ALL your effort into it! It doesnt come easy and it wont happen just by sitting on the couch you have to put the hours in to really change your life! ALL the for the better, and trust me you wont recognize yourself and you will never look back!

What i did first was start PT (personal Training) sessions. My hubby was doing them and getting great results so we found some amazing trainers and now do sessions 3-4 times a week with them. Yes it isnt cheap, but its your health! Can you really put a price on your health?

And now that ive been training for so long i know what to do at the gym! I have a great routine going and im really seeing results! The main training that im doing is called "Cross Fit" its a combination of Cardio and weights it pretty much "shocks" your body! Which is what you need in a good workout!
its something that you will never get used to- everywork out is hard! and you will struggle though every workout
The workouts are actually named after fallen solders! Ive done so far (that i can remeber) Fran, Cindy, Angie + many more!

Most of my training is with weights, if your a female dont be scared of weights. You wont wake up the next day looking like the hulk! Lol
Weights is what is going to build strength and give you a toned body =D
Get into Kettle bells they are fantastic and very versatile!

You will be amazing and proud of yourself how far you will go in little time! When i first started i couldnt even lift 20kg now i can dead lift almost 50kg! IM ALMOST AT MY BODY WEIGHT yaaay!

Food Glorious FOOD!

Anyways- on to the good stuff FOOD!
Considering i have been working so hard with my fitness and training, to me it seemed pointless to do a training session and then go and eat kfc or a burger. To me i felt like i would be counter-acting all the hard work it just did. I feel the same when it comes to Alcohol.
So ive been eating really clean! Pretty much the way we are all suppose to eat!
Cutting out everything processed, un-natural or in a packet. And believe me i have never felt better! Im eating more then what i used to and staying slim! Im not getting bloated, having mood swings or breaking out! And i have more energy now then what i ever did before!
Im not eating meat- ever now and then i will have a small portion of fish but thats about all, and ive cut out cows milk and anything containing cows milk- as the molecules in cows milk is very hard for humans to wonder why so many people are lactose-intoulerant!!

Ive never counted calories in my life! And to me i dont really understand it- I feel (and this is just my opinion) that if you eating clean calories dont matter! If its all natural organic good food then your not doing anything wrong- AND i saw a friend of mine trying to loose weight eating a chocolate mousse tub and she said "but its only 10 calories" but what is that chocolate mousse doing to your body! Yes it may be low fat but gees its packed with sugar and crap that isnt going to do you any good! The same goes for tubs of "low fat" yoghurt- all these things that you think  are health are actually PACKED with sugar and crap! Be very mindful of this when you do your shopping!

For those of you thinking about changing your lifestyle i HIGHLY recommend this book!

This book has really helped me! Its amazing it talks about EVERYTHING you could possible imagine- From digestion, pimple and even poo! haha But from this book you can work out what is going on inside YOUR body and eat the rights foods to cure anything wrong inside you!
Its amazing! For example- Ive always had issues with my stomach and digestion. (not the best topic i know) But i would always be bloated, and some foods would give me the BIGGEST stomach ache ive even ended up in hospital because the pain was so intense! Anyways reading this book there is a part about your tongue.
Basically what its saying is you can tell all about your health, just by looking at your tongue! My tongue has a line down the center, that doesnt reach the tip- and reading up on that, the first thing is said was "You have a very weak stomach and poor digestion" and i was like OMG!
I was blown away by how true it was!
So enough on that, just get the book! You wont regret it!

-Fruit & Fruit Juices
-Vegies (raw or slightly steamed)
-Nuts (natural with no salt added)
-Pumpkin and other seeds
-Brown Rice
- Rice and Almond Milk
-lentils and beans

Form these ingedients you can make some AMAZING FOODS! And if your a sweet tooth like me
check out my cooking blog here

check out my vlog!


dont forget your water! 60% of your body is water you should be drinking 2lts a day, more if your exercising! this will prevent excess bloating from water weight! IT will flush out your system and make your skin glow!
Try adding a small amour of apple cider vinegar or lemon juice to your water (not too much lemon juice as it can break down the enamel on your teeth!)


Supplements and vitamins are very important. And no 2 people would need the same supplements.
As i mentioned above ive had massive digestive issues so currently im taking

SPIRULINA- is pretty much a algae! Its safe for humans and animals to digest and its PACKED full of protein, amino-acids, B12, calcium and many many more! Its great for anti-aging and it works wonders on your bowls and digestive system! (once daily)

FISH OIL- To help promote healthy eyes, heart and joints (once daily)

VITAMIN C- help keep my imune system healthy! If you have ulcers in your mouth you need to take vitamin c NOW! (once daily)

IRON- As im not eating red meat i take iron to help support my energy and recovery! (only once a week though)

MILK THISTLE- this helps detox your liver! because my bowls were lets say blocked, there was helps of toxins in my body! this will help balance everything out and get it working properly (twice daily)

DIGESTIVE ENZYMES- many people (like myself) do not naturally contain enough digestive enzymes to help their body break down food- so this does what your body can not! (taken twice daily with food)

I also have protein ( the one im currently using is called Launch) after my workouts!


SO hopefullyou you have found this helpfull! if you have any questions please let me know!!

Jade xx 


  1. Well done! Where do you do your cross fit training? Is that offered at your gym? There is one cross fit centre near my house and it's sooooo expensive :(

  2. Thankyou so much Jasmine! Im very lucky as our PT's specialize in Cross Fit! But i know there are heaps of gyms opening up- even if you do 1 or 2 sessions, that way you can get an idea of what its like and use what you learn in your own workouts =D

  3. We are 70% composed of water, that's why is so important to drink at least 2 litres of water on day. If you consume cofee, than you khave to increase the water intake. While training, you risk to get dehydrated quickly, that's why drinking water during a workout is not considered more unnessesary.
    myroon@bodybuilding workouts

  4. Congrats Jade! I recently came across your blog and I love reading all your posts. Keep up the hard work! You have become my new inspiration factor to gaining my ideal body. I grew up in a family that eats to our heart's content and as a result every member in my family can be seen as over average or even obesse. I have recently been trying to lose some weight and become less lazy in the progress as well. I have only lost 4.5kg and my goal is to lose another 12kg. Can I ask how long did it take you to lose 13kg?

    1. Thankyou so much hun! I just replied to you on YouTube xx