Sunday, October 14, 2012

ManicareVelvet Eyeliner Tattoo Review

Hey loveies!
So as you know i love all things makeup and all things new and un-tried!
So when i came across these bad could have guessed my reaction!

These are the "NEW" Manicare Glam Eyes Velvet eyeliner TATTOOS!! They are apart of Manicares  Couture Range, which also include Body Tattoos eyelashes and other glittery goodies!

The Pack you see above is the pack that i bought- I got them from a chemist for $9!
Super cheap!
In the pack you get 2 different pairs of Eyeliner Tattoos and also a tube of manicare's amazing eyelash glue!

Now the eyeliner strips are velvet texture! You get 2 different types in 1 pack! The normal Cat eyeliner look and also a more glitzy look with crystals. The strip come pre-glued however i do recommend you apply additional glue for longer lasting looks.

The eyeliner tattoos can be re-used- not sure how many times but im sure if you take good care of them you could get up to 10 wears!
When i mean "take good care" , i mean try not to  get them wet (may damage the texture) and always keep them in their packaging!


To apply these bad boys what i did was make sure my eyeshadow was already applied- as it makes it easier for blending etc.
Then apply a thin layer of glue over the eyeliner strips allow it to become tacky (just like with false eyelashes) then apply it to your eyes. I find that applying it to your eyes when they are open makes it so much easier. The curve of the eyeliner tattoo naturally fits your eyeshape curve when your eyes are open. Its more difficult trying to apply then with closed eye TRUST ME i know haha.
Try and get them as close to your lashline as possible but if you have left any gaps simply fill them in with some black eyeliner or shadow.

Then feel free to apply falsies and/or mascara.


I do it the same as when i remove my false eyelashes. Before i take any of my makeup off (so i dont damage them) peel off your eyeliner tattoo. It doesnt hurt at all it simple peels off smoothly from your skin! Then if there is any residue from the glue left over, use some baby oil or olive oil to melt the glue away and WA LA! Clean as a....hmmm not sure haha!


Ok so like everything there are always down sides. What i though was, at first they feel very strange on your eyes. They can feel quite heavy, but after a while you barely notice it.

Also as you see in the below pic, i feel that wearing falsies with these is a must otherwise if you have short natural lashes like mine, they tend to get lost quite quickly!

BUT other then that, these are a truly amazing product and a fail proof way to get prefect cat eyes EVERYTIME!

Check out the video review/tutorial here

Hope you all enjoyed this review!

See you all soon

Jade xx


  1. I love how detailed and daring you are when it comes to makeup, so much fun to watch and read! I've loved your halloween looks, so inspiring!

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  2. Thankyou so much! Yay im so glad!
    Oh ill check it out thankyou hun! xxx

  3. I like it!

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