Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas Gift Ideas!!!

Hey lovlies!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately!
But im here again, and just in time for Christmas!!!

I absolutly LOVE Christmas its m y favourite time of year (and not just for the presents!)
haha there is always just such a merry feeling in the air and everyone seems so happy!

But i know as most of you do too, that Christmas can be a $$$ pricey time of year! Especially if your like me and you really love spoiling people, your wallet can take a beating! So im here with a few cheap ideas of what you can get some of you loved ones, that will leave them feeling pampered for less!

Depending on what your budget is, there are heaps of different ideas! From homemade presents to fun and interesting gift certificates!

Homemade Goodies!

I love home made gifts! they are super cheap, and it really shows how much you care!!
If your artistic a great idea is to make a mosaic! you can pick up cheap second hand plates etc from Op Shops and just go crazy and make something really unique! once your done you can frame it and WA LA! a one of a kind gift!!

Another idea is a jewllery box! you can pick up wooded boxes from Bunnings for like $10 and just go crazy with paint! you could even use spray paint and gold leaf! And depending on your budget you can fill the box with some Jewellery!

Beauty products are always a hit (well they are with me!) try making some bath bombs or even christmas insipred Sea Salt scrub! Check out the recipe here!

And finally you cant go past edible goodies! Im planning on making a Gingerbread house for my friends and family! its  great to take with you for Christmas meals and its super easy and not to forget DELICIOUS! Also if you have younger children or if your a big kid like me, you will have fun decorating it!

Store Bought Presents

Ok so i know some people are super hard to buy for! So here are a few ideas that most people would love!!

If you know someone that loves traveling, get them a travel book! Im talking like a Lonely Planet Guide! it will really inspired them and give them plenty to think about when they are planning their next holiday!

Massage and hair gift certificates are always amazing to receive but if you wanted to buy something for a couple, get them a Hotel Gift Certificate! Its a great idea! they could use it on a romantic night out or even for dinner if the hotel has a restaurant. It doesnt have to be a Hotel far away it could be a 5min drive away! the point is its something they would never buy themself and it would be a nice treat! and if they have kids you can offer to babysit for 1 night! Most hotels are about $120 per night (on average) so thats a pretty cheap present for 2 people!

Ok so i know this may seem a lame present, but you might be surprised! Coffee table books are always looked at! even years later! if you can find a book that relates to what the persons interest are, they will love you for it!

And finally if you want a present for a whole family or special someone, a Photo shoot certificate would be amazing! the photos will last a lift time and its a nice present for people to look back at later on!

Ok so i hope you have found a few ideas from this!
Have fun with you Christmas shopping and Planning!!

Lots of Love

Jade x

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