Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Get Ready With Jade- Christmas Party 2013

Hey guys!
Long time no post.....Sorry about that! As some of you may know ive been overseas and on holidays for 2 months! When i got back to work the weekend i arrived back was my Christmas Work party!
It was so much fun and i loved the chance to get all dolled up!

Check out the video here!

Im listing below all the products/makeup/fashion items used and worn in this video!
They are all listed in order of apperance!


I used 2 different colours of hair extensions to create my look! Both sets are 22" in length.

SET 1- This is the piece i put in first- they were old black extensions which i bleached to match my current hair colour. Unfortunately i cannot remember the brand or price as ive had them for years....
I alternated this colour with the colour listed below for a more natural highlighted look!

SET 2- These are from Goddess Clip Ins- Ive used them before and they are fantastic! I got the shade 18/60/T60. As im planning on going lighter with my hair these will be great to have when i reach my desired colour! I didnt use the full set as i had 4 other pieces of the above colour in my hair as well!

I curled my hair with a VS Sassoon Conical hair curler. I purchased it from Priceline for $20



I have recently partnered with Heritage Brands!! YEOW!! Super excited! They sent me out some amazing nail products a while ago and i felt it was time i gave them a shot! Here im using some stick on coloured nails- They nails came with adhesive glue to make them last longer- but as this was for a "One night only" type thing i used the sticky adhesive pads instead (even those last up to 5 days)
Super happy and amazed with these products! They are really what i needed to make a difference to my hands, considering i didnt have time to book in for a mani! SO HAPPY to be working with such a great company- they specialize in promoting and featuring Cruelty Free brands! So im so over the moon to be apart of that!

Fingers "Flirt" -Colour Crush Nails
Nailene -Ultra Adhesive Tabs


For this look (as you may have noticed) i used A LOT of different eye shadows to create a build up of smokey sultry colours!

Mehron Corrector Wheel- Mint Buff & Amber Sky
Mehron Celebre PRO HD Foundation- Medium 3
Lime Crime- Eyeshadow Helper
Models Prefer Brow Kit- Dark
Urban Decay Naked 2- Foxy
Urban Decay Naked 1- Buck
*Sticky Tape Applied
Urban Decay Naked 2- Chopper
Urban Decay Naked 1- Hustle
Urban Decay Naked 2- Foxy (again- just to lighten the lid & Brow Bone)
                                     -Verve (Applied on brow bone and inner corners)
Urban Decay Naked 1- Buck & Hustle (under lower lash line)
Australis Khole Pencil- Black
Essence Liquid Ink Liner- Black
Urban Decay Naked 2- Black Out
Australis Khole Pencil- Black (lower water line)
Lash Republic Lashes- Lady Refined
Manicare- Lash Curler
Wet N Wild Mascara- Black
Graftobian HD Glamor Foundation- Buff
Ben Nye- Banana Powder
Benefit- Hoola Bronzer
Nyx Cream Blush- Glow
Kick it Side- Highlighter
Ulta 3 Lipliner- Real Red
Lime Crime Velvetine- Red Velvet
Australis- Finished Spritz


All Brushes used are Vegan and Cruelty Free! This is the brush set i used
Its By "Furless Cosmetics" Check it out here


Crop Top- Supre
Skirt- Kmart
Shoes- Betts
Bag- Strand Bags
Earrings, Ring & Hand bracelet - Lovisa
Necklace  & Cuff- Borrowed from my Mum

Thanks for reading! Please let me know if you have any questions!

Lots of love


Monday, July 22, 2013

Get ready with me! DATE NIGHT

Hey guys!
So I dont really get much opportunity to get all dressed up- but when i do i like to go all out!!

Here is my transformation and i products i used to get me there!



Mehron Concealer wheel
-Green & Peach shades used

Mehron ColourRing Tattoo Concealer
-Palest shade used
-Darkest shade used for brows

Mehron CelebreHD Foundation
-Dark 3 used for contouring

Mehron CelebreHD Foundation
-Medium 3 used all over face

Ben Nye Translucent Powder

NYX Jumbo Pencil
-Black Bean

BH Cosmetics 3rd Edition
-Matte Black Shadow
-Matte BrowShadow used for Brows

Urban Decay

Essence Liquid Ink
-Black Eyeliner

Ardell Lashes

Essence Mascara

SAVVY Powder

NYX Cream Blush

Essence Highlighter




GHD Candy Mint Sytler
Medusa Clip In Extensions in lightest Blonde
De Lorenzo- Sea Salt Spray


Blouse, Skirt & Tank Top- SUPRE
*Sequins added to blue blouse
watch video here
Stockings- Asos
Booties- K-mart
Necklace- Diva
Jacket- Target

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Kat Von D- Makeup Tutorial

Hey guys!
So this was a requested makeup look! And thankyou so much for requesting it! it was so much fun to re-create!!

This is the look i chose and drew inspiration from

If you haven't seen the video yet check it out NOW
*Coming Soon!



Australis Eyeliner in Grey & Black- to draw on the tattoos
Mehron Corrector Wheel- Mint Buff Shade Used
Mehron Tattoo Concealer Wheel- TC-1 Shade Used
Nude by Nature Mineral Foundation- Medium
Mehron Tattoo Concealer- TC-5 (for brown outline)


Sugarpill eyeshadow in- Tako
BH Cosmetics 3rd Edition Palette- Champange, Nude, Matte Brown & Black Eyeshadow's used
Medusa's Makeup Eyeshadow - Liger
Red Cherry Lashes- #213 
Essence Mascara in Black
SAVVY Bronzer in Dark
ELF Cream Blush in Seductress


Essence Lipgloss in Acrobat
Sugarpill Eyeshadows in- LOVE + and Flamepoint


Majority Brushes used are from Fuless Cosmetics
*Brused listed in order or apperance

Nude By Nature Mineral Brush
Furless PRO 2M
Furless PRO 7M
Furless PRO 1E
Furless PRO 8E
Furless PRO 3M
Furless PRO 2E
Furless PRO 2M (for crease defining & Eyeliner)
UD Karma Brush (for lips)

Friday, June 7, 2013

Pink Ombre Hair!! Double Draw Extensions Review!

Hey lovelies!
So its been a while since ive done a in depth blog post! I couldnt think of a more suitable candidate for a review then my new PINK OMBRE hair extensions!

I was very lucky to be sent these by a amazing woman called Jasmine who is paying her way through her uni Psych degree! She is a fellow Aussie and i just love supporting Aussies! Especially as this is a new and small business!

I received these amazing extensions from "Princess Hair Extensions"

The difference about these extensions compared to all the other ones i have every had is these are DOUBLE DRAWN!!

What that means is the hair is hand selected- it goes through 2 drawing processes eliminating all the short hairs so there is just 1 length of hair through out the extensions! that way they extensions say the same thickness from root to tip!
Pic below- Normal on the left- Double Drawn on the right!
See the difference.....??!!!!


Ok So i was sent the Pink Ombre AAA European Remy Hair Extensions! Woooo thats a mouthful!
I Have the 24" Extensions in a dark brown/black fading to this amazing soft pink! they are 120g.

You Get x1- 4 Clip, x2- 3 Clip, x3- 2 Clip and x4- 1 Clip


These extensions are exquisite! Honestly these are incredible! So silky soft- not 1 tangle and i havent had ANY shedding! I have been over the moon with these extensions! The clips are all sturdy and have fantastic grip. And there are SOOO many pieces! its great i am actually running out of room on my head and that NEVER happens!


Princess hair extensions also stock- Curly extensions, straight, wavy, micro beads, tape extensions and feather extensions! they also have a massive range or natural colours and some amazing ombre/dip dye hair colours to choose from!

OK SO im giving away a set of these amazing clips ins! So make sure you watch my video and enter into the comp!!

Lots of love

Jade x

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Makeup Transformation- Get Ready With me!

Hey guys!
So i recently had a work awards night! Where i live there arnt many opportunity's to get all dolled up so when one arises i POUNCE on the opportunity!


 I was so excited to try out a new eyeshadow shade that i have never worn before...which is red! i was so happy with the end result! i think ive found my new "black smokey eye!" Really makes your eyes POP!!

It was such a great night- filled with laughter and lots of giggling on my part lol!

We each won a award- some were serious and some were stupid and funny! I won the "Happy Award" for being the happiest person on crew =D naawwww
Also- my dress was sooo dirty by the end of the night, a few people spilled their drink on me...oh well lol

If you guys want to see/ or havent seen my tutorial on this look

Ok now thats all out of the onto the good stuff!


I used a home made recipe of mine which is a CHOCOLATE ACNE KILLING Mask! it really works wonders click here to view the recipe

I also used a Cucumber Peel off mask by Freeman (bought from a chemist)
I just applied it on my t-zone- which is where im more prone to black heads and impurities!

The moisturizer i finished off with is a amazing brand called "Beauty and the Bee's" Its a Tasmanian (my home town) made brand and its incredible!


So yes i got my hair coloured! The Leopard print i did myself- just by literally painting it on my hair. The all over colour was a off black shade about a 3 level- not flat black but a bit softer! It was also a semi so it made my hair VERY shiny!


Ok so as you know exfoliating before a tan is a MUST- Click here for my Simple Sugar Scrub Recipe!

For my tan i used my trusty "Bondi Sands" tan in dark- i did however apply about 3 coats lol!


I used a Cocoa Butter Bath bomb that i bought from a local shop
and my nail polish is by ELF in the shade Plum


Products i used in order!

Lime Crime- Eyeshadow Helper
BH Cosmetics 120 3rd Edition Palette- Red Shades
Naked Paletted- Virgin Eyeshadow
Mehron Pro Neutralizing Wheel
Mehron Creme HD PRO Foundation in Med 3
ELF HD Powder in Translucent
Mehron Concealer in Dark- For Eyebrows
Essence Gel eyeliner in Black
Red Cherry 523 Lashes
Essence Mascara in Black
SAVVY Pressed Powder in Dark- Contouring
NYX Blush in Seductress
Sugarpill Eyeshadow in Tako
NYX Lipstick in Orange Soda
ELF Lipgloss in Malt Shake




* FUNNY story i did by a sticky bra to wear with this dress...EPIC fail lol! Oh well


Monday, May 27, 2013

Simple Sugar Scrub Recipe

Hey guys!
So this is a super easy and very effective scrub you can make yourself at home!
Its great to remove dead skin, helps prevent cellulite by getting your blood circulating and will nourish your skin at the same time!


*recipe makes enough for 12 + Full body Scrubs!
* Lasts for months if kept in the freezer

2 Cups of Brown Sugar
*Brown sugar is best as its finer and less scratchy on your skin
 1/4 C Olive Oil
2 Tbs Coconut oil

*can add fragrance if you wish

Mix all together
Roll mixture into balls and wrap in cling wrap then freeze! The oil will solidify giving your a Sugar Scrub Bar!


Lots of love


Chocolate Acne KILLING Face mask

Hey guys

So who loves clear skin! & whoooo loves Chocolate!!!
Well if your like me you are in luck! This recipe is PERFECT for you!!

Its a purifying, softly exfoliating, cleansing and acne killing face mask! that will leave your skin refreshed and really to kill some bacteria!


Cacao Beans

Raw chocolate beans have amazing benefits for you skin and body! Its fantastic to fight free radicals in your skin and body. Packed full of magnesium, anitoxidence and vitamin C- All fantastic to promote plump healthy glowing skin!


FANTASTIC antibacterial properties! Will help to kill infection and fight off stubborn acne!


*Makes enough for 4-5 full face masks
*Mask will last up to 1 week if kept in the fridge.

8 Cacao Beans- Purchased from health food shop
*or use 100% raw cacao powder if you cant find the whole beans.
 pinch of Turmeric
*dont add too much as it may stain the skin
Pink Clay-
*Use rolled oats if you cant find the clay
1Tbs Filtered Water
*May need more- just add till you have the correct consistency

Blitz all ingredients except the water till it resembles a sand mixture- slowly add water till you have the desired consistency.

Apply. Wait 5-10 mins then rinse off!

Your skin will be feeling amazing!
This mask is mainly designed for Acne and oily proned skin!

Have fun and enjoy!

Jade xx

Sunday, May 12, 2013

MEGAN FOX Makeup Tutorial

Hey lovelies!
So this is a inspired Megan Fox makeup & eyebrow look!
It was really fun to try and recreate and i had lots of fun with the eyebrows as well!
Hope you like it!


Mehron Dark Concealer- For Brows
BH Cosmetics 120 3rd edition Cool brown eyeshadow- For Brows
FOA Eye Primer
Sugar Pill Eyeshadow in Tako
BH Cosmetics 120 3rd Edition Matte brown shade
Medusa's Makeup Eyeshadow in Liger
Medusa's Makeup Eyeshadow in  Tarzan
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Black Bean
ELF Liquid Eyeliner in Black
Red Cherry Lashes in 112
Essence Volumizing Mascara in Black
SAVVY by DB Bronzer in Dark
ELF Cream blush in Seductress
Essence Highlighter in Its Magic
ELF Gloss stick in Nude


All Brushes used by Furless Cosmetics

Hope you liked this Post! If you missed the video check it out here!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My NEW HAIR!!- Review

Hey lovelies!
So excited to share this with you all!
 I was recently contacted by Anna form
She was incredible and asked if i would like to do a review of their extensions...being the extensions addict that i am, you know i said yes!

Anna was so friendly and welcoming, she sent me their webisight address and said i could pick any extension's i wanted!

I was like a kid in a candy store! Their range was unbelievable!
Curly, Straight, Clip ins, Wefts, Micro loops, Fusion, Feather extensions, coloured extensions, Hair accessories, Wigs, Hair pieces even Bobbie pins!

You can also choose from Indian Remy, Brazilian, 100% Human Hair and synthetic extensions!
They have length available from 14 to 26 inches!


I opted for Remy Indian hair extensions in the longest length possible! Which was 24 inches!
I went for Jet Black. They weigh 115gm
*Even though my hair isnt quite Jet Black- i still went for this shade to give my hair a ombre effect- also im planning on going lighter at my roots so its going to be a reverse ombre!

These extensions sell for $79.99
YES that is right! So cheap!
I used to think that you get what you payed for with extensions, but these extensions have just proved that statement WRONG!
Previously i bought extensions from another company which were $250! The clips broke, and the hair matted and became matte, after 1 wash! your research people bargains are out there!

Since having my extensions, i have styled them, curled, straightened and washed them.
They are still as perfect, silky smooth and soft as the day i got them! No tangles, and they are shiny as ever!
I also have had NO shedding at all, and the clips are perfect and strong!

 Check out the video here!


AB Hair ship all over the world- im not 100% sure where they are based but here in Australia is overseas.
So for over seas shipping its very affordable its $6.95 for flat rate- however it does take 3-4 weeks to reach you =(
They also have Expedited Shipping- The price will be calculated on check out depending on where you live- which only take 3-4 business days!
My shipping was great, they send me emails all through out the process with my tacking details so i knew exactly where my parcel was!

Their return policy is great! If you have defected or damaged extensions they will refund or exchange them if you let them know within 45days of receiving your hair!
However they do have a few exceptions- Wigs being one, but a full list can be viewed on their web sight!


A Massive thankyou to Anna and the team at! You guys have been amazing! They have a discount code for you all to use


Will get you 15% off store wide until the 6th of July 2013!
have fun shopping!

Thanks for reading
Lots of love

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Bondi Sands- Fake tan REVIEW

Hey Lovlies!
So if you Aussie like me, summer is well and truly upon us! (and i guess that mean Christmas too....hmm i should start my shopping!)

Anyways there is nothing better to make you look summer ready and give you a healthy glow then a tan! We all know how bad it is for our skin to bake away in the sun, (skin cancers and pre-mature aging to name a few reasons why its bad!) So this is 1 time where faking it is the best option!

The tan that i pick up is the new 
bondi sands Tanning Lotion in "Dark"

While perusing my favorite trashy gossip mags, i can across a add for "bondi sands" tan. Well it wasnt so much a add- it was more a promotion that the mag did, because they loved the product. They named it a "must have" summer item! So me being the tan addict that i am, i knew i had to try it out and fast!
Ive always looked for new brands to try out and considering this brand is Australian made and owned company I was sold!

A Bit about the Company

So just by looking at the "bondi sands" websight i found out that the creates of this company wanted to share with the Aussie public, a tanning range that is of salon quality! A range that is affordable but still give high quality results to everyone!
They call it "The Australian Tan"
Bondi sands have 2 different textures of tan in their range, Spray and Cream. They also have 2 different colours Light/Medium and Dark.

The sprays are $19.95 for 250mls of product
the Cream's are $19.95 for 200mls of product
They have many stockists around this great land including Priceline, Terry White and Amcal.

My Thoughts on the Tan

Considering ive been a avid tanner for years and ive tried many different brands i do consider myself a "experienced" tanner! So when i bought this brand not knowing anything about it, I was a bit apprehensive. Reading the back of the bottle did make me feel good and excited to try the tan! It says "Sand, Sea and Sun the enviable Australian Image. With bondi sands, you can have the ultimate sun kissed Australian tan in just minutes. Enriched with aleo vera and infused with a sent of fresh coconut, boni sands tanning lotion will leave your skin glowing like a day on Bondi Beach. Simple smooth on lotion for an even natural tan without the tell-tale aroma of many other tanning products"
After reading that and discovering the brand (obviously) was Aussie made and owned i couldnt wait to try out the product!


Yes the tan is super fast drying but because its such a rich and creamy lotion its a breeze to blend into your skin! There isnt any streaking at all- and my skin feels like its having a treatment as well as getting tanner! The colour of this tan is amazing! Its super rich and give your skin a noticeable but very natural result! The tan itself is green/blue based, and all of us who know the colour wheel would know that green is the opposite to red/orange (no oooma looma's here!). I do recommend however (same as bondi sands) that you apply the tan with a tanning mit! Bondi sands have their own mit for $9.99 =D

Another great thing about the product is you can re-apply if you would like a darker coat. Simply wait 30mins the apply another coat for a more intense tan! Also if your running out of time and cant wait the 6hrs before you have a shower- you can wait only 1hr! It wont be as intense as if you waited the full 6hrs but at least you know you can still have a summer glow in a fraction of the time!


Ok so for many fake tanners the biggest give away is the smell! Many fake tans have this awful sickly sent to them. Well not this one! YAAAAAY! Ive been looking for so long to find a tan that doesnt smell awful! I must admit it still smells slightly like tan, but nothing that will give you away! It has a coco-nutty beach sent- something that instantly reminds me of summer!


Both on your skin and in the bottle its amazing! This tan will last me so long! Usually i use 1 full can of spray to do 2 full body applications.  So mabey its just because this is a cream product i dont know but ive already down 2 full body applications and i havent even scratched the surface of the product! There is so much in there it will last me forever!!!
Also it last such a long time on my skin! Longer then any other brand ive used before! Last time i used it i had flawless glowing colour for 2weeks! Most other tans ive used start to flake away after 1 week or so! Also when this tan starts to fade it doesnt flake or go patchy it just slowly disappears evenly from your skin! AMAZING =D xx

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Medusa's Makeup Review & Swatches

Hey guys!
So as you know i have recently gone Cruelty Free (CF). Out with the old and in with the new!
I have literally cleared out all my old makeup that wasnt CF- Its quite bad how much i actually owned without even knowing! But it has given me the perfect excuse to do some online retail therapy!

I came across "Medusa's Makeup" while searching for CF brands on the PETA webisght. I must admit (not to judge a book by its cover) but the name really intrigued me and pulled me in! On the PETA web sight there is literally hundreds of brands and usually i just pick ones that i like the sound of- I am a big kid at heart!

So when i saw the Medusa websight i was blown away! it was right up my alley! *Fist Pump =P

Their range is massive! Packed full of highly pigmented shadows, glitters and pigments! Amazing eyeliners, Mascaras and so much more! Oh i was like a kid in a candy shop!

About Medusa's Makeup

I loved reading their bio on their wesight! They are such a inspirational company that loves promoting uniqueness, and "pushing the envelope!"
Their story is just like a old fashion loved story "boy meets girl, fall in love and get married. They had their own fashion stoer called "Medusa's Circle", and then got inspired to create "Medusa's Makeup" in 1998 which was mainly glitters and eye dusts, which then launched to the rest of the world in 2005!
YAY for us!!

The company is obviously CF, And very affordable! with eyeshadow and pigments selling at $7-$8! Medusa's Makeup isnt afraid to inspire others to be unique and creative! Their range will defiantly help everyone accomplish that!


The makeup arrive beautifully packaged! The shadows were placed in a clear plastic slip with the Medusa logo in the background.

The Eye shadows  can is a cardboard zebra print box with a hole to see what colour the shadow is.

All the ingredients are listed on the back of this box- as well as the size (2gms), the websight and the fact that it is CF

The Shadows are placed in a plastic pot with a lid that flip us. The lid is clear so you can easily see what the shadow is. The name of the shadow is clearly written on the back of the shadow pot

The Eye Dusts came on their own is a plastic container with a screw up lid. The base of the container has a thread too- so you can remove the lids a make the pigments a stack of pigments! Great for travel!
The name of the Eye dust is listed on the back- with its ingredients, the medusa websight and the size (1.5g)
* The glitters are packaged the same as the eye dust

The Gel eyeliner/Indelible Paint came in a box, its weight (3g) is printed on the front. It also has a description on the back of the box as well as the ingredients.
The product comes in a clear glass jar with a plastic screw top lid.

The lipstick came in a box aswel- Listed with the ingredients, webisght and size (3.5g)
The Lipstick container itself is the most amazing container i have ever seen! I love it so much! Its made of plastic with a beautiful rose on the lid

What i got!

I did go a bit crazy and spoil myself!

* All swatches with flash and no primer used.


ELECTRO PURPLE- Is a cool based purple- not too cool that it looks blue but its more blue based then pink. It has amazing silver shimmer particles in it!

TARZAN- This shadow is so stunning! Its a soft smokey peach/Nude shade! It will be perfect to use with pretty much all eye looks! It also has a very faint pinky gold shimmer in it

LIGER- A terracotta bronze shadow with a soft coppery sheen

VENOM- A bright olive green shadow with gold and yellow shimmers


PENNY WISE- A beautiful rich brick shade- not red but not copper somewhere in between!

AGENT ORANGE- A amazing sherbert orange shade- has a slight pinky coral hint to it!

AK47- A multi toned glitter

PURPLEXED- A intense creamy purple.

Miami- This is a beautiful pale pink- blue based!


 These products are amazing!
Considering the price I didn’t know what to expect. The makeup is so affordable! BUT they makeup didn’t disappoint! It is incredible, highly pigmented and a great texture. It is smooth and creamy, easy to apply and blend! Because its so pigmented you don’t need much product at all so the product is going to last a LONG time!
They last a long time when you wear them aswell! With no smudging or colour fade!
HONESTLY everyone should get there hands on these products! I will defiantly be buying more soon!
The shipping was incredibly fast and very affordable!

Thankyou guys so much for reading!!

Hope you check out this amazing range!

Lots of love

Jade xx