Friday, January 4, 2013

Furless 20 Piece Brush Set Review

Hey lovelies
So Im super excited to introduce you to Furless Cosmtics!!

Furless as the name suggests is 100% vegan and cruelty free, and better yet- they are a Australian company!

I was contacted by Furless and asked if I wanted to review their brushes.
No joke 2 days later the brushes had arrived, and this was right at Christmas time! The shipping was super fast and the contact I had with Coralie from Furless who was amazing! Furless seem super nice and driven to impress their customers.

I was sent the 20 piece professional Brush set.

 Have been using this set for a bit over 2 weeks now- everyday with all my makeup looks!
And I have to say I am impressed! They quality and craftsman’s ship is simply amazing. (I will go into full detail with all the brushes a bit later in the blog-)

All the bushes have this amazing texture, they are sooo soft, shockingly soft! I was blown away by the velvetiness and silkiness of all the brushes. Since ive used them I haven’t had any sheading or fall out, and amazingly my makeup is looking more airbrushed, it has a silkiness to the finished result that I haven’t gotten with any other makeup brushes!

It came beautifully wrapped in zebra print creap paper and I was really surprised with Furless’s attention to detail!
The case the brushes sit in is amazing! Perfect for transportation and to keep the brushes in pristine condition! They have a elastic band which wraps around the case so they arnt going anywhere!!



All the brushes are Blue with a gold trim, embossed with the furless logo and the brush name.


Perfect crease brush! This is domed in shape and will fit your crease perfectly. This will give you a amazing smokey eye!
Very dense brush with a small amount of movement on the ends to help blending.

Is a small pencil brush. Very dense with not much movement. Its fantastic to create intense dark colour or to use as a liner brush for a sexy smokey eye.

Another very dense brush. This brush is fantastic to use in the outer corners of the eyes as its dome shape will help to soften and intensify your eyeshadow at the same time

Flat eyeshadow brush. Great to use on the lid. For a intence amount of colour.

Amazing fan brush! I love this brush for contouring and to blend out your contouring. Or if you have accidently applied too much powder it’s a great brush to wipe away any cakiness!!

This is a domed ended eyeliner brush. The dome end gives your more precision and control

Angled eyeliner brush. The bristles are very dense giving you ultimate control and precision! Will create the perfect cat eyeliner look!!

This brush is amazing everyone should use one of these! This is a mascara comb and a brow brush all in one! Its great to de clump your lashes and give you a amazing arched eyebrow!!

This is a all round great blending brush. The head is small enough to fit into your crease while the slightly flared bristles give you amazing blending!

Angled blending brush. This is great to soften any harsh lines in your eyeshadow, but its still great to use as a eyeshadow application brush for the ultimate smokey eye!

The ultimate eyeliner brush! This thing is amazing ultra fine tipped and precise to give you the best control with your eyeliner. The angled brush will stop you feeling kack-handed and make the process super quick!

This brush is so fluffy and soft! Great for blending, nose contouring or applying a wash of colour over your entire lid!

This brush is dense great for applying eyeshadow fast! Used maninly for applying colour on your lid or brow bone.

Angled Foudation brush. This bush is the most dense of the brushes. Its still pliable and easy to use but this brush will give you a fantastic full coverage look!

Foundation Brush. Dense but super soft! Will give your makeup a amazing flawless finish

This is a large powder brush! Super fluffy and great to use for mineral foundation or to set your liquid foundation.

This brush is a fantastic all rounder it has a flat top with dense yet pliable bristles. Great for blush,  powder or even foundation!

Angled Blush Bush. Fantastic again for contouring or adding blush! Create a great effect on the skin

Classic stippling brush- SO soft, melt in your hands soft!
the most perfect lip liner brush!!....enough said!
So yeah there you have it!
Im also doing a giveaway!! Check out the video below

to see how you can win this set for yourself!!

Jade xx