Tuesday, January 29, 2013

How to Fake Flawless SKIN!

Hey lovelies!
Ok so we have all had those days (and for me it usually happens on a very important day) when you wake up, and to put it nicely you look bad!
Dark circle, uneven skin tone and WHY oh WHY did that pimple choose today to show its face to the world! GRRR

Yes we have all had those day, and unfortunately no one has perfect skin 100% of the time (would be nice though right!?)
So post is going to be about this amazing product i was recently sent to review.....and honestly its a miracle! This product is going to help your fake the appearance of having flawless skin!!


On the bad days this product smooths and melts away imperfections leaving your skin glowing and flawless, even if you know you have 100 pimples under it, you wont be able to tell!

After- Using only Skin 79 Chiffon BB Cream

 Ok so as you guess this amazing product is a BB Cream! I have used many many BB Creams in the past, but NONE have compared to this baby!
This is a BB Cream Chiffon Mousse! By Skin 79. This products is so light and hydrating on your skin, it leaves it feeling like you have nothing on at all, while still covering and smoothing out imperfections!

It is a Mousse constancy but honestly this much will do my whole face! Aswell this product is SPF 30!! Amazing skin without the oiliness or streakiness of using sunblock!
You can also double the product up and use as a concealer to cover blemishes and dark circles! No concealer needed!!

This product is from My BB Cream which is a on line wholesaler of Korean Cosmetics (Korean BB Cream's are the BEST!) they have a wide range of different brands and products.


Its described as being lightweight, fresh with a soft creamy texture. Which is absolutely true!
The prodcut also contains Glacial and Coral Water, to help cool and calm your skin. Mistletoe and Swiss Alpine Herb extract to help rehydrate your skin and give it a dewy glow.
It comes in 1 colour which is suited to fair, light and medium skin tones. As you may know BB Creams work with the skin, meaning they colour correct themself to suit your natural skin tone!! Amazing right!!

The Skin79 Chiffon BB Mousse is one of their latest and greatest products.
It comes in 50g can (shake before use) and retails for $33.60 (on sale atm though!)

Peter was very generose and gave me a 25% off discount code for you all to use untill the 30th of April 2013


Other Goodies!

I was also very lucky and spoilt and i was sent 3 other products!

The first is this amazing Powder from the "kick it side" collection it is called "touch me now".
This is a multipurpose powder. You can use it as blush, eyeshadow or my favorite use as a highlighter. It is so smooth and easy to use, but it has this stunning sheen to it, which really makes your skin look so luminous!
I like it because its a sheen, not a glitter or a gloss, just a healthy looking pearled sheen!

It retails for $19.80 for 9g of product- Again they are having a sale!! CHECK IT OUT

The next product is this amazing Chiffon Sponge
this is basically just a beauty blender. It works beautifully with the Chiffon Mousse, and its again multipurpose! the small end is great for covering imperfections while the larger end will work great for your whole face
Just make sure you wash it in water and clean it out after every use!
These sponges sell for $6.20

and lastly i was sent this amazing Lip Tint from the "Kick it Side" collection. This is in the shade "Attention".
This is a great lip gloss as its super glossy, not sticky and the colour really stays put on your lips for AGES!!
I really like this nude shade aswell, its very opaque! It also comes in a pretty pale pink.
This sells for $11.20 for 3gs AGAIN...on sale atm for $9 something..

So you saw the before photo, but what about once ive used all these amazing products??

There you go! Mirical product i know!!
Now you know my secret!!

Hope you all liked this post!!!

Lots of love
Jade x


  1. Do you think that this BB Cream is like NC tones of MAC? :)

    1. hey hun, it really depends, as BB creams melt into your skin and blend with you skin- so 1 shade fits most, even if you are a warm or cool based complexion if you get what i mean xx