Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Bondi Sands- Fake tan REVIEW

Hey Lovlies!
So if you Aussie like me, summer is well and truly upon us! (and i guess that mean Christmas too....hmm i should start my shopping!)

Anyways there is nothing better to make you look summer ready and give you a healthy glow then a tan! We all know how bad it is for our skin to bake away in the sun, (skin cancers and pre-mature aging to name a few reasons why its bad!) So this is 1 time where faking it is the best option!

The tan that i pick up is the new 
bondi sands Tanning Lotion in "Dark"

While perusing my favorite trashy gossip mags, i can across a add for "bondi sands" tan. Well it wasnt so much a add- it was more a promotion that the mag did, because they loved the product. They named it a "must have" summer item! So me being the tan addict that i am, i knew i had to try it out and fast!
Ive always looked for new brands to try out and considering this brand is Australian made and owned company I was sold!

A Bit about the Company

So just by looking at the "bondi sands" websight i found out that the creates of this company wanted to share with the Aussie public, a tanning range that is of salon quality! A range that is affordable but still give high quality results to everyone!
They call it "The Australian Tan"
Bondi sands have 2 different textures of tan in their range, Spray and Cream. They also have 2 different colours Light/Medium and Dark.

The sprays are $19.95 for 250mls of product
the Cream's are $19.95 for 200mls of product
They have many stockists around this great land including Priceline, Terry White and Amcal.

My Thoughts on the Tan

Considering ive been a avid tanner for years and ive tried many different brands i do consider myself a "experienced" tanner! So when i bought this brand not knowing anything about it, I was a bit apprehensive. Reading the back of the bottle did make me feel good and excited to try the tan! It says "Sand, Sea and Sun the enviable Australian Image. With bondi sands, you can have the ultimate sun kissed Australian tan in just minutes. Enriched with aleo vera and infused with a sent of fresh coconut, boni sands tanning lotion will leave your skin glowing like a day on Bondi Beach. Simple smooth on lotion for an even natural tan without the tell-tale aroma of many other tanning products"
After reading that and discovering the brand (obviously) was Aussie made and owned i couldnt wait to try out the product!


Yes the tan is super fast drying but because its such a rich and creamy lotion its a breeze to blend into your skin! There isnt any streaking at all- and my skin feels like its having a treatment as well as getting tanner! The colour of this tan is amazing! Its super rich and give your skin a noticeable but very natural result! The tan itself is green/blue based, and all of us who know the colour wheel would know that green is the opposite to red/orange (no oooma looma's here!). I do recommend however (same as bondi sands) that you apply the tan with a tanning mit! Bondi sands have their own mit for $9.99 =D

Another great thing about the product is you can re-apply if you would like a darker coat. Simply wait 30mins the apply another coat for a more intense tan! Also if your running out of time and cant wait the 6hrs before you have a shower- you can wait only 1hr! It wont be as intense as if you waited the full 6hrs but at least you know you can still have a summer glow in a fraction of the time!


Ok so for many fake tanners the biggest give away is the smell! Many fake tans have this awful sickly sent to them. Well not this one! YAAAAAY! Ive been looking for so long to find a tan that doesnt smell awful! I must admit it still smells slightly like tan, but nothing that will give you away! It has a coco-nutty beach sent- something that instantly reminds me of summer!


Both on your skin and in the bottle its amazing! This tan will last me so long! Usually i use 1 full can of spray to do 2 full body applications.  So mabey its just because this is a cream product i dont know but ive already down 2 full body applications and i havent even scratched the surface of the product! There is so much in there it will last me forever!!!
Also it last such a long time on my skin! Longer then any other brand ive used before! Last time i used it i had flawless glowing colour for 2weeks! Most other tans ive used start to flake away after 1 week or so! Also when this tan starts to fade it doesnt flake or go patchy it just slowly disappears evenly from your skin! AMAZING =D xx

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