Monday, May 27, 2013

Chocolate Acne KILLING Face mask

Hey guys

So who loves clear skin! & whoooo loves Chocolate!!!
Well if your like me you are in luck! This recipe is PERFECT for you!!

Its a purifying, softly exfoliating, cleansing and acne killing face mask! that will leave your skin refreshed and really to kill some bacteria!


Cacao Beans

Raw chocolate beans have amazing benefits for you skin and body! Its fantastic to fight free radicals in your skin and body. Packed full of magnesium, anitoxidence and vitamin C- All fantastic to promote plump healthy glowing skin!


FANTASTIC antibacterial properties! Will help to kill infection and fight off stubborn acne!


*Makes enough for 4-5 full face masks
*Mask will last up to 1 week if kept in the fridge.

8 Cacao Beans- Purchased from health food shop
*or use 100% raw cacao powder if you cant find the whole beans.
 pinch of Turmeric
*dont add too much as it may stain the skin
Pink Clay-
*Use rolled oats if you cant find the clay
1Tbs Filtered Water
*May need more- just add till you have the correct consistency

Blitz all ingredients except the water till it resembles a sand mixture- slowly add water till you have the desired consistency.

Apply. Wait 5-10 mins then rinse off!

Your skin will be feeling amazing!
This mask is mainly designed for Acne and oily proned skin!

Have fun and enjoy!

Jade xx


  1. This sounds like a very healthful skin cleanse. I'll try to remember to pick up the ingredients at the healthfood store - I think I'll go with the rolled oats instead of the clay in case I get ravenous in the middle of the night and want to cook some of it up to eat. I noticed that the links above to your YouTube, Facebook and Instagram are all defective because the all start with http://https:// Thank you for thanking me for the comment on your YouTube video "MASSIVE Cruelty Free Makeup Haul!". I love your YouTube Channel Make Me Stunning and your Twitter @Makemestunning.

    I would love it if you'd stop by my blogspot blog and leave a comment there again sometime if you're inclined and have the time - I know you're busy. love your blog :)

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