Saturday, May 4, 2013

Medusa's Makeup Review & Swatches

Hey guys!
So as you know i have recently gone Cruelty Free (CF). Out with the old and in with the new!
I have literally cleared out all my old makeup that wasnt CF- Its quite bad how much i actually owned without even knowing! But it has given me the perfect excuse to do some online retail therapy!

I came across "Medusa's Makeup" while searching for CF brands on the PETA webisght. I must admit (not to judge a book by its cover) but the name really intrigued me and pulled me in! On the PETA web sight there is literally hundreds of brands and usually i just pick ones that i like the sound of- I am a big kid at heart!

So when i saw the Medusa websight i was blown away! it was right up my alley! *Fist Pump =P

Their range is massive! Packed full of highly pigmented shadows, glitters and pigments! Amazing eyeliners, Mascaras and so much more! Oh i was like a kid in a candy shop!

About Medusa's Makeup

I loved reading their bio on their wesight! They are such a inspirational company that loves promoting uniqueness, and "pushing the envelope!"
Their story is just like a old fashion loved story "boy meets girl, fall in love and get married. They had their own fashion stoer called "Medusa's Circle", and then got inspired to create "Medusa's Makeup" in 1998 which was mainly glitters and eye dusts, which then launched to the rest of the world in 2005!
YAY for us!!

The company is obviously CF, And very affordable! with eyeshadow and pigments selling at $7-$8! Medusa's Makeup isnt afraid to inspire others to be unique and creative! Their range will defiantly help everyone accomplish that!


The makeup arrive beautifully packaged! The shadows were placed in a clear plastic slip with the Medusa logo in the background.

The Eye shadows  can is a cardboard zebra print box with a hole to see what colour the shadow is.

All the ingredients are listed on the back of this box- as well as the size (2gms), the websight and the fact that it is CF

The Shadows are placed in a plastic pot with a lid that flip us. The lid is clear so you can easily see what the shadow is. The name of the shadow is clearly written on the back of the shadow pot

The Eye Dusts came on their own is a plastic container with a screw up lid. The base of the container has a thread too- so you can remove the lids a make the pigments a stack of pigments! Great for travel!
The name of the Eye dust is listed on the back- with its ingredients, the medusa websight and the size (1.5g)
* The glitters are packaged the same as the eye dust

The Gel eyeliner/Indelible Paint came in a box, its weight (3g) is printed on the front. It also has a description on the back of the box as well as the ingredients.
The product comes in a clear glass jar with a plastic screw top lid.

The lipstick came in a box aswel- Listed with the ingredients, webisght and size (3.5g)
The Lipstick container itself is the most amazing container i have ever seen! I love it so much! Its made of plastic with a beautiful rose on the lid

What i got!

I did go a bit crazy and spoil myself!

* All swatches with flash and no primer used.


ELECTRO PURPLE- Is a cool based purple- not too cool that it looks blue but its more blue based then pink. It has amazing silver shimmer particles in it!

TARZAN- This shadow is so stunning! Its a soft smokey peach/Nude shade! It will be perfect to use with pretty much all eye looks! It also has a very faint pinky gold shimmer in it

LIGER- A terracotta bronze shadow with a soft coppery sheen

VENOM- A bright olive green shadow with gold and yellow shimmers


PENNY WISE- A beautiful rich brick shade- not red but not copper somewhere in between!

AGENT ORANGE- A amazing sherbert orange shade- has a slight pinky coral hint to it!

AK47- A multi toned glitter

PURPLEXED- A intense creamy purple.

Miami- This is a beautiful pale pink- blue based!


 These products are amazing!
Considering the price I didn’t know what to expect. The makeup is so affordable! BUT they makeup didn’t disappoint! It is incredible, highly pigmented and a great texture. It is smooth and creamy, easy to apply and blend! Because its so pigmented you don’t need much product at all so the product is going to last a LONG time!
They last a long time when you wear them aswell! With no smudging or colour fade!
HONESTLY everyone should get there hands on these products! I will defiantly be buying more soon!
The shipping was incredibly fast and very affordable!

Thankyou guys so much for reading!!

Hope you check out this amazing range!

Lots of love

Jade xx


  1. I'm sold! Medusa's makeup is a winner. I love glittery eye-shadows, love the purple colours, the wide palette of available colours and, of course, that it is all cruelty free. The lipsticks look pretty too.

  2. Anyone know if any stores sell it? I need red eye shadow within a few days so I can't wait for shipping :(