Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Concrete Minerals Review

Hey my lovelies!
So as you know im always on the lookout for new Cruelty Free (CF) makeup brands! And i must admit im like a kid in a candy shop when i come across one!
That was me last week!

As some of you may know i purchase a lot of my LimeCrime lipstick off a web-sight called pimpmyeyes pruely for the reason they always seem to have the lipstick shade that i want in stock. I decided to have a quick look at the other makeup ranges they carries, and came across Concrete Minerals. I was after some new eyeshadows and the price seemed reasonable so i just bought it without thinking or doing any research.
It was then after my package arrive and i found out what amazing quality it was...that i started to research this company! "How could i not have heard about them before" i was saying to myself! Because honestly this company is incredible! not only the amazing huge range of colours and products they stock but the way they present themselves! giving their company a personality (even on the internet) which i find so relate-able and just hard not to love!

So here is what i found out!

About Concrete Minerals

They were launched in 2009 with a belief that "everyone on earth should have the opportunity to use gorgeous products that meet their needs in terms of quality without wreaking havoc on their skin-there should never have to be a sacrifice!" 
 they go on to say "We’re hellbent to create sexy, richly-pigmented mineral makeup that's not only healthy, but reminds us why being a girl is badass! We should never feel burdened by makeup, we should cherish the opportunity to play with it! CM products are bold, sexy and unique, just like the beautiful people who love us!"
Ahhh see what i mean! How can you not love this brand!?

The great thing about this company is Yes they are 100% CF and Vegan!
But they are also
-100% Gluten Free (that does not mean you can eat the eyeshadow jk)
- All products are fragrance-free
- We never include scary preservatives like parabens in any of our products
- We only include the purest ingredients and always exclude cheap fillers like talc and bismuth oxychloride
And they are also made in the USA.

Their Products (Overview)

They mainly specialize in eyeshadows they have 2 collections of eyeshadows. They also stock "Lip Tints", Nail Polish, Eyeshadow primer, makeup bags and merchandise.
I love that they give each of their products a name and describe the pigments and undertone of each shade! Really makes it helpful when choosing a colour! They are all extremely reasonably priced, considering the large amount of product you receive. they also have such a fantastic range to really cater for everyone!


stocking a massive 55 minerals eyeshadows each with its own gorgeous reflect, some have a glitter pigment underline but most have a stunning satin sheen.

These retail for $7 Each 1.5g


14 stunning, blind you vibrant shades! These are all of course matte shades that they look to die for! They are also safe for eyes, lips, face and nails!

Retail for $8 each 2.5g


14 amazing shades- After watching fellow youtubers they described this product as pigmented as lipsticks but in the convenience of a lip balm. Very hydrating and a pleasure to use!

Retail for $6 each 4.25g


14 diverse shades. Formulated without Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Toluene, Formaldehyde & Formaldehyde Resin

Retails for $8 each 5.5mls

They also have put together a few "Collections" at a cheaper price so its a great opportunity to get
more for your money and in some cases save hundreds of dollars!


I purchased the "Nudie Pie" stack, which is one of their "Color Stack" collections. It comes with 7 incredible mineral eyeshadows. On Concrete Minerals sight its described the Nudie Pie stack is description is "Who says neutral has to be boring? Not our colors! You'll find these office-friendly shades are completely sexy and gorgeous, and now they're all available in one set!"

and i definitely agree! They are all neutral shades but with a twist. Yes they are all safe to wear during to day or to the office but the underlying pigments are so unique it really gives your eyes a magical quality they no other nudes can offer!

Set includes:
:: Smut (dirty silver w/ pink-purple undertones)
:: Lolita (shimmery taupe w/ pink undertones)
:: Deviant (warm plum-purple w/ pink undertones and gold sparkle)
:: Blitzkrieg (shimmering brown)
:: Troublemaker (medium-brown w/ gold sparkle)
:: Revolver (deep brownie-brown)
:: Doe-Eyed (dark matte-brown w/ bronze undertones)
This stack retails for $40 on the Concrete Minerals sight....but because i bought mine from pimpmyeyes i payed $44.95 +shipping. You get 7 Stunning Mineral eyeshadows all 1.5g each.



Using this product is incredible! A little truly goes such a long way and they are a dream to blend. They go on so smooth and blend without effort it makes applying your makeup so easy and fun! The texture is just like velvet, it works with your skin, not against it! They do recommend that you use a patting motion for application to get the most pigmented pay off and also to reduce fall out. That is what i did- i used the patting motion to apply the colour to my eyes, then i went back with a fluffy blending brush to blend it away. I didnt have any fall out doing it this way. I do feel that if you used a fluffy brush (especially with the dark shades) straight away (without packing it on) that you would get fall out. I do also recommend using a primer (as i do with all shadows) just to intensify the colour pay off and make the shadow last. I did find that my eyeshadow did last a extremely long time! It didnt dull or fade either throughout the day!


Here are some swatches all without the use of a primer. Ive included with a flash and without. Also ive included Concrete minerals description, and a few extra notes of my own!


Concrete Minerals Description
(Dirty silver with pink-purple undertones) It’s impossible to get the beauty of this incredible color to show-through in photos. “Smut” seems to be an instant favorite of anyone who even glances at it! This shadow looks just as good on as it does in the jar (and it looks reeeeally good in the jar) and compliments every color eye!

My Description
Its so true! It is my favourite shade out of all of them, and its so hard to really describe and capture the beauty of this shade! its so unique and intriguing....just simple stunning!


Concrete Minerals Description
(Dark matte-brown w/ bronze undertones) A chocolatey, matte brown with subtle caramel sparkle. Works great as a smoky contour or as an all-over deep, neutral lid color!

My Description
I love this colour! it has just the right amount of depth to create a very sexy smokey eye, without it being too overpowering! Just love this shade! Its matte, but still blends effortlessly!


Concrete Minerals Description
(Deep brownie-brown)

My Description
Another incredible shade! this I feel has multiple layers and facets of colour!Defiantly not a boring brown! it has like a light yellowy custard shimmer intermixed with a rich gold/bronze shimmer! Just beautiful!


Concrete Minerals Description
(Medium-brown w/ gold sparkle)

My Description
Another stunning shade! This is such a beautiful colour! Its light but not too light, and its dark but not too dark....hard to explain i know! I just love the shimmer and the underlying pigments in this shade it so beautiful, really transforms it into a incredible shadow!


Concrete Minerals Description
(Warm plum purple with pink undertones and gold sparkle) A shade similar to our bestseller "Smut", yet deeper and more dramatic with a hint of gorgeous, shimmery gold glitter!

My Description
Yes very similar to "Smut" but yes darker. I feel it has more shimmer sheen to this shade as well more of a golden glitz.


Concrete Minerals Description
(Shimmery bronzey-brown) Blitzkrieg is a warm, neutral with plenty of shimmer. Makes a great accent but looks equally stunning alone. We like to refer to neutrals as "office-friendly" but that doesn't mean they can't be sexy! That's where Blitzkrieg steps in...

My Description
I agree again! It is definitely a neutral shade- but not a boring neutral at all! Very warm undertones and simply stunning on its own or blended with other shades!


Concrtete Minerals Description
(Shimmery taupe w/ pink undertones) A soft neutral shade with a ton of glamour, this mineral eyeshadow is sure to join the ranks as a fan-favorite quickly! Looks stunning with nearly every eye color!

My Description
Warm silver...if that is possible! had a beautiful metallic sheen!

Some photos of me with the shadows on

 And i also used them in a YouTube tutorial


As i mentioned above i purchased mine from pimpmyeyes. If i had known that Concrete Minerals shipped internationally and for FREE (if over $50) then i would have gone straight to them and purchased through their sight! Not only are their products cheaper on their sight then through pimpmyeyes i could have got a few free samples a swell! Yes thats right! after watching fellow YT videos, they all mentioned that they receive 2 free sample sachet of product their their purchase! DAMN oh well i know where im ordering from next time!
for more information on their shipping click here.

Their extange/Returns Policy is amazing! I love reading it, so ive taken a snippet from their sight so you can all read it too!

Love it or ditch it! We want you to dig your purchase, that's why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee! If the product you purchase just isn't your cup of tea, let us know and we'll be happy to either exchange the item or refund your full purchase price (excluding shipping) for items returned within 14 days of receiving your order!
This does of course exclude sale items, but they encourage you to contact them via email with any concerns. You can definitely tell that they care deeply for their customers, that you aren't just another number but they really do want you to love their products!


YES YES YES 1000000x YES!

I believe you will love these so much that im going to be GIVEING AWAY a "Nudie Pie" Stack!! I will be uploading a rewiew/giveaway video very soon on my YouTube channel so make sure you stay tuned to check it out!

Lots of love always

Jade xxx


  1. It's always wonderful to discover another vegan and cruelty-free makeup brand. The various eyeshadow colours, the lip tints, and nailpolish all look intriguing. Previously I had looked at Urban Decay, Eyes Lips Face (ELF), Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (OCC) and Sephora. Concrete Minerals looks like a winner. One could buy every eyeshadow the make for less than Urban Decay's "Mother Lode" costs.

    I enjoyed watching your Goddess Wedding Makeup Tutorial.

    Just a quick side note: At the time I'm writing this the link to your YouTube channel in your header doesn't work because it starts "http://https://" (one too many http's) instead of

  2. Your post impressed me so much that I went to Concrete Minerals' website and had a look. I saw that they had a huge kit of all their makeup and shadows called "I Want It All" for a little over $400 (a bargain) but nailpolishes weren't included in that huge kit. I guess I'd buy those separately. Urban Decay similarly had a set of eyeshadows that they called "The Mother Lode" that was over $600 and was just all their eyeshadows (I think) but I don't know if that one was all vegan and cruelty free or not. I'll probably be window shopping their sites more in the future and can take another look.