Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Lime Crime Controversy- Where I Stand?

I'm always open with you all. I'm not quick to judge, and I'm not one to always believe what i read on the Internet, to believer rumors or accusations. I have always been they type of person to make my own mind up about issues. I'm not one to jump on the bandwagon simply because i feel pressure to, or because others are doing it, so..... i should?!

My simple question is.....Where is the Proof?

Ive been getting asked a lot lately about the "Lime Crime Controversy" and where i stand on this issue. At a risk of loosing some of my followers, today I'm going to tell you where i stand and why!

At this current moment (I'm not saying this may not change) I am still supporting Lime Crime. Yes there has been many dreadful accusations made about LC and their CEO Doe Deere. Accusations of Repackaging products, Stealing from charities, racism, poor costume choices, not being CF, being called "Shady"  and general poor handling of customers. Of course there is the recent credit card hack as well....which yes i will be addressing.

Out of all these accusations.....all I'm asking for is proof! Everything that i have seen through my many hours of research has been all hear say. Has been peoples opinions, has been accusations. SIMPLE......WHERE IS THE PROOF?

I have heard that "Doe Says"......
Source- https://instagram.com/p/0Awi61DBVz/?modal=true

 is it just me....? or can anyone write

Doe Says
"I love pulling out my hair, rolling in mud, wearing makeup, eating food, blah blah blah...."

and then claim its a actual quote! where is the proof! where is an actual email or any irrefutable proof? with thousands of people #BoycottingLimeCrime you would think that they would have something substantial to base their choices on! or that more proof would have surfaced by now!!
Or are all these people boycotting LC simply to go with the crowd?

My above statement rings true in this post by Doe recently on her FB Page. (see comment by yours truly hehe)

Source- https://www.facebook.com/doedeereofficial/photos/pb.21301355388.-2207520000.1438064922./10155704580015389/?type=3&theater

 Its far too easy these days to type "hate hate hate....." and claim it as a "quote" by a person, simply by typing their name underneath it.

People who are offering a different opinion to others these days are coping HEAPS of crap! It seems crazy to me that people are boycotting LC but are still willing to show their support to companies that test on animals!! Have you not seen the awful things done to our fury friends!!!??

So I'm guessing its easier for some to say they are not supporting a company, then to stand up and say..."Hang on....".
Im not saying LC or Doe has a perfect record. But COME ON! we are all people we all make mistakes! Dressing up at Hitler (before LC launched) may be one of them!
But...... Prince Harry dressed up as a Nazi.....

My point being is everyone has a past! Of course as a CEO if she dressed up as Hitler now would be crazy! I'm not defending her costume choice at all just saying people can do stupid things, especially if they just think of themselves as a teenager, not considering they may be a CEO one day.

Doe also has addressed this issue on her blog- stating her deep regret and apologizing profusely for her poor costume choice.
"Everyone makes decisions in their youth that they later regret, and unfortunately one of mine is still floating around the internet, nine years later, for all to see.
In 2006, I chose to dress up as Adolf Hitler for Halloween. In retrospect, I realize it was in extremely poor taste. I understand that millions of innocent people suffered unspeakable horrors at his hands, and I am so deeply sorry that in youthful ignorance, I chose to wear that costume. While there is really no excuse, in my 25 year old mind, I was lampooning and mocking him – not making light of one of the most tragic events in history.
I know that the photo has upset, and continues to upset, so many people. Please know that I deeply regret my choice, and would never do it again.
-Doe Deere"

Source- http://www.doedeereblogazine.com/doedeeredressedashitler/

I'm not saying that things in her past don't add up. I know many people are questions their decisions.
I know that a lot of her comments have been deleted and she is blocking a lot of people- but when she is receiving comments like the ones posted below, i cant say i blame her. I'm sure if people had legitimate questions, queries and concerns they would email the company and get a response. Rather then voicing their opinions on social media where its so easy to lose track of comments- especially when your receiving thousands!




Ok so on this issues of repackaging. Again I'm asking for proof! Yes Ive seen many swatches of very similar products  and very similar colours.
Source- http://www.lipsticksandlightsabers.com/2010/01/lime-crime-beneath-glitter.html

But doesn't every single makeup brand in history have dupes for their products?! Or am i wrong?

Yes people can put collages together and claim that she is repackaging, but without solid proof- to my its all hear say, its just someones opinion. And im not going to believe everything i see online!

Racism/Hate Comments

I have heard many people claiming that LC is racist or have made nasty comments or emails to people who disagree with them! Yes there is a palette called the "China Doll" palette. but honestly people calling this racist I feel is going a bit far!!! Let me clarify!! I am in not way saying what people can or cant be offend by! To some people this image and palette may be considered racists- but in this day an age you literally cant do ANYTHING without offending someone! Im not saying that its wrong or right, im just saying that you will literally never keep everyone happy! Its at the stage now that anyone recreating a look or makeup idea from a different culture is now a racist!!?? WOW!! Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery! I feel as long as its done in a tasteful way and not mocking the culture, then it should be considered flattery.
NO WHERE does it state that this image (below) is of a Geisha! If you simply googled "Chinese traditional makeup" images like the one below will show up! People saying that this is racist because there is a Geisha (when its just chinese inspired makeup) and Geisha's are Japanese not Chinese are simply nit picking and looking for reasons to hate this company! I myself have done Arabic inspired looks, does that make me a racist? No. If your opinion differs, then that's your choice!
On the issue of handling bad review, or responding to comments inappropriately. Again I'm just waiting for proof. I'm not saying that she has/hasn't done things wrong in the past. All I'm wanting is to see evidence and not just people bashing this company.

On this Insta @limecrimeliar claiming to show evidence and proof, all I'm seeing is people renouncing LC and basically people having a good old hate session.

 Again there are claims of this and that, but still no hard evidence.

A Sordid Past

Wow! i would be freaked out if someone was cataloging my entire past! Yes there have been some dreadful claims- but i feel people cataloging what i did in 2003, is going a bit far..... this is before LC even started....and isn't this whole debate about LC.....or is it just about people hate for the CEO Doe?
Source- http://ohdeardoedeere.tumblr.com/post/65612552332/doe-deere-lime-crime-a-sordid-history

This time line continues right up to the present. But as Ive voice before, anyone....ANYONE can write things on the Internet and call them facts. Im simply questioning these "facts".

Website Hacked

So last year LC website was hacked and credit card information stolen. This is just awful and my heart goes out to all the people who were affected by this! I myself ordered off the LC website at the time, and I too received a letter from them informing me of the breach. Luckily for me i always use PayPal for my online orderes (regardless of the website! LC, or other brands!)
People can hate and blame LC- because yet it was their fault that security wasn't high enough.
But these things happen! I'm not defending them I'm just saying that i don't believe for a second that LC or Doe wanted this to happen for her company! She is a business woman! She has a lively hood to look out for. This damaged her company greatly and i don't believe anyone would self sabotage this much!
Also yes i agree she did not handle the situation the best way. LC should have come forward sooner then they did. They say the delay is due to them wanting to gather all the facts before going public.
Im not claiming to have all the facts, and im not defending them. Its just a lot more common the people realize.

Speaking of other websites hacked 15 + other companies have been hacked in 2014! Including NYC.....!!? 22.8million private records were hacked last year! See here

Here are the list of other companies in the US that were hacked last year! Including Sony, K-Mart and Home Depot! So people, its not just LC that have these issues! Yes it was a horrid thing to happen. But with a company that have a long list of hates, there are bound to be people that would love to see this company ruined, and a hacking scandal is a great way to do it!

LC have updated their platform and have included heaps of information on their website and offering advice to its affected clients

Not CF?

So there have been many claims (again claims) that LC is not CF.
Please show me proof! Where you there when they manufactured the product?? I wasn't- so all i can go off is facts- the Peta site and Leaping Bunny and LC site all have them listed as Cruelty free! Sorry but I'm believing this proof over peoples comments
"You know that arnt CF right?"

 Source- http://features.peta2.com/shopcrueltyfree/cruelty_free_companies_company.aspx?Com_Id=2769&Donottest=-1&Product=Cat_5&Dotest=-1&RegChange=-1

Leaping Bunny- http://www.leapingbunny.org/2014companies.php

My Experience with LC

I have always been a huge supported for LC. Having a voice for animals and being one of the first makeup companies i feel in love with!
I have ordered many many times off their website and always had a amazing experience, great service and very fast shipping!
Once i received a smashed eyeshadow, i sent a email to them and got a new one sent out right away!

 Based on my experience with the company i have nothing negative to say about their service or products!
I have always paid for all my products with my own money! i have never been sponsored by LC.
Those saying "Of course you feel this way you had a great experience, what about others...."

well i ask you this- can you please tell me what LC has personally done to you? Or are you just going with the crowd? What ever your reason i respect your decision.
But please dont look at my positive experience as if ive been blind sighted. Show me proof as ive said countless times and i may change my mind!


To me this has steam rolled from simply boycotting LC and leaving it at that, to personal attacks and degrading comments to Doe, her company and pretty much anyone who disagrees with the minority. What every happened to having a opinion and voicing it in a polite manner- instead its turned to slander. I respect your decision to boycott LC. But what i don't respect is how awful, hateful and degrading others are to her!

Being a You Tuber and dealing with haters and trolls my heart goes out to her! COME ON LADIES honestly!!
If you want to boycott based on your own reasoning's then go for it- but leave it at that! Respect others who have different views and leave the hate at the door! there is no need for it!

So here is where im currently standing on the LC issue. If you have difference of opinion that is fine. but DO NOT attack me for my choice. I have no tolerance for hater, trolls or bullies (#LetTheBeautySpread). Yes im open for a polite debate- but not HATE!

Love you guys!

Jade xx