Monday, May 11, 2015

HOW TO- Rainbow Hair

Hey beautiful people!
So as you may know i love changing my hair colour......a lot.....lets be honest!!
So today I'm here sharing with you all my latest hair colour change which is RAINBOW!! YAY I now feel like a unicorn!! haha!

I have already done a video tutorial on how i achieved my new colour which you can view here


My hair its rainbow and so are my extensions!
Without my extensions (or makeup) my hair looks like this-
This pic was taken right after my hair was first coloured, the Yellow didn't take so i ended up using a different brand which too better. (more details below...keep reading)

With extensions its so much fun! Also depending on how you clip them in, you rainbow looks different every time.
My extensions are from IrresitibleMe.
They are the Royal Remi, 200g 20" in "Royal Platnium Blonde"

use my DISCOUNT CODE- "IrresistibleJade" for 10% off!

It also glows in the dark!

So cutting to the chase, ill show you what i used to create this look!

what i used

For my first colour application i used all La Riche Directions

Purchased from a online store called Pimp My Eyes
The colours i purchased were
-Pink Flamingo
-Green Apple
-Bright Daffodil
-Blue Atlantic

The "Green Apply" and the "Bright Daffodil" i left undiluted and used them just as they were.
All the other colours i mixed with conditioner to get more out of the product and to dilute it and make it more pale.

For the Blue, Purple and Pink i mixed 1/4C Conditioner with 1Tbs of colour.

For the Peachy colour i mixed 1/4C Conditioner with 1Tbs "Mandarin" and 1tsp "Pink Flamingo"

The yellow didnt end up taking so i used Fudge Paintbox (purchased from priceline) in "Yellow Fever" which too better!

 Hair prep

each colour will need different hair prep! For Directions it needs to be applied on freshly shampooed hair! So i washed my hair, shampooed it then let it air dry 100%! any excess moisture will dilute the colour- and any conditioner or hair products will stop the colour from penetrating correctly!
ALSO this colour will only work on BLONDE HAIR!! make sure you are blonde or even white before attempting this colour.


Its best to watch the above video to see how i did it.
But i literally grabbed sections of hair, roughly 1" by 1" and painted them a colour. I left the section without foil and just gently continued colour the rest of my hair! the important thing is to not squish the colours together, and (it goes without saying) using a different brush for each colour and cleaning your gloves, or wiping the colour off before moving to a new colour.

I then loosely clipped it up, wrapped it loosely with cling wrap and let it process for a hour or so!


So i rinsed my hair with cool water. trying my best to keep the colours separated and not to mush the all together. This is the stage that colours can bleed into each other so take your time!
Then when the water was running clear i conditioned and then rinsed that off and i was all done!

Shampooing in the future is just the same as normal. Try using cooler water and if the suds are coloured try rinsing it off as fast as you can to prevent any bleeding of colour. I haven't had any issues with the colours bleeding.

ANYWAYS! if you have any more questions let me know and ill try my best to answer them or even do a rainbow hair FAQ!!

Love you guys!!

Jade xx


  1. When you're doing one color one top and one on bottom, like ombré, how do you keep the colors from bleeding?
    You're hair is beautiful and thanks for the cold water tip, maybe that's why mine bleeds so bad!

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  3. How long does it last before you have to reapply?

  4. What a great way to express your individuality while not damaging or ruining your hair. Attempting to rainbow your natural hair with a variety of colors would not only be incredibly time consuming but the separate strands just wouldn't flow together. These extensions look fantastic and the best part is you can change up your look however and whenever you want!

    Renee May @ Virgin Hair Fixx

  5. Im thinking of doing my hair in the rainbow colors but my hair is a really dark brown what is the best way to get it to the white blonde that it needs to be without frying or killing my hair?

  6. L'Oreal Quick Brite took me from deep dark brown to almost platinum blond I only had to do it twice